International Engineering Consulting & Training Emergency Evacuation International Engineering Consulting & Training
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  • Location: Amman
  • Duration / Course length: 2 Days

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Course outlines:

Element 1: Performing the duties of the Competent Person
Element 2: Identifying types of excavations & trench components
Element 3: Knowing the different types of cave-ins.
Element 4: Understanding the factors that cause cave-ins
Element 5: Testing and classifying soils according to OSHA specifications
Element 6: Determining the proper protection systems for identified soil types and conditions
Element 7: Identifying hazards, both in and around the excavation, that affect the safety of employees or the general public
Element 8: Describing the elements of an excavation safety program
Element 9: Completing a Competent Person routine safety inspection
Element 10: Understanding OSHA regulations pertaining to excavation safety
  Updated on 22 February, 2018

About International Engineering Consulting & Training

International Engineering for Consulting and Training (IECT) was founded by highly qualified and competent people in occupational health, safety and environment field which is constantly evolving for its great importance.
Because of that IECT is now one of the lead companies in middle east in general and Jordan in specific as a specialized company that provides consultation and training courses in safety, health and environment, and in quality management, to regulatory and legislative sectors and to private and public sector companies of different specialty like oil and gas industries, food industries, services sector, hospitals.
It also provide its services to the funding bodies that is interested in the production, processing, analyzing, distribution, marketing, and monitoring the different kinds of industries and keeping the work environment as safe as possible.
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