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Date: 03/03//03/2021
Date: 21/09//09/2021
Duration: 16h
4 days live online or 2 days face2face

The Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Professional Training is an intermediate level training course offering a comprehensive viewpoint to Sustainability. Participants will gain a holistic approach to all key areas of Sustainability, ESG and CSR, including current trends, challenges, standards, and strategies. They will gain the necessary skills to support their organization to use Sustainability as a competitive advantage and the tools to overcome business Sustainability risks. During the course, professionals will benefit from our interactive approach focusing on applying Sustainability across the organization. Our skill-building and hands-on approach assists participants to improve their capabilities and drive practical Sustainability solutions successfully across their organization.

Aim and Objectives
  • Articulate the business case for sustainability
  • Learn how to integrate Sustainability into the existing organizational structure and structure
  • Gain well rounded understanding of Sustainability and CSR ecosystem and future developments
  • Develop programs which ensure maximum positive impact for all stakeholders
  • Communicate effectively the progress and achievement via sustainability reports to identified stakeholders
  • Focus on sustainable business models during the post course assignment

Take outs of the course include
At the end of the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Professional Training, participants will have the skills and knowledge to:
  • Identify and apply effective sustainability solutions in your organization
  • Develop, implement and monitor sustainability initiatives and strategies
  • Identify stakeholders and their roles in advancing sustainability efforts
  • Ensure maximum impact from applying Sustainability, ESG and CSR standards and frameworks
  • Communicate organizational strategies, material issues, impacts and performance via sustainability reports
  • Recognise opportunities and challenges related to Sustainability, ESG and CSR

Global ILM Recognition
Following your successful post-course assignment submission, you will receive the “Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Professional” Certificate which is endorsed by ILM.

Key Topics Include
  1. Sustainability, ESG and CSR Concepts
  2. Stakeholder Management
  3. CSR Programs & Measuring Social Value
  4. Sustainable Supply Chains & Circular Economy
  5. Sustainability Strategy & Assessment
  6. Sustainability Reporting
  7. Communicating Sustainability
  8. The CSO role
  9. Post-course Assignment for ILM Certification
Training Methodology
We firmly believe that a friendly, supportive, and engaging learning environment is key to building long-lasting knowledge and maximizing retention. To support this belief, we built all our courses around a dynamic mixture of lectures, practical exercises, best practice case studies and group discussions.
Our method builds not only knowledge, but a confidence in discussing and applying Sustainability, ESG and Corporate Responsibility concepts and the platform for exchanging ideas and building valuable connections.

Who should attend
The CSO Professional Training is ideally suited to professionals seeking well rounded, practical knowledge in all key CSR and Sustainability topics. An ideal candidate may play a role in:
  • CSR/Sustainability
  • Risk Management
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing/Communications/PR
  • Supply Chain/Logistics
  • Health and Safety
  • Environment
  • Operational Excellence
  • Quality
  • Corporate Philanthropy/Foundations

Entry requirements
An understanding of CSR and Sustainability is required
Professional experience is required

Have said about our training courses
“The excellent dynamics of the course allows, in a short time, to acquire the knowledge to enhance Sustainability in organizations and leverage their financial performance. It is demanding, mentally stimulating and challenging, but worth every effort because it clearly shows the path that must inevitably be followed to ensure the success of ;
, Environmental Manager, Lipor
“I was extremely captivated by the course ; It addressed the full concept of Sustainability and how it should be reported and implemented within an organization whether a small or larger enterprise. The delivery of the course was unconventional and made a lasting ;
,  HSE Compliance Senior Manager, Human Capital & Administration, du
  Updated on 25 February, 2021

Eligibility / Requirements

  1. An understanding of CSR and Sustainability is required
  2. Professional experience is required

About Sustainability Knowledge Group

Sustainability Knowledge Group is a global advisory firm dedicated in creating value, through strategic CSR and Sustainability solutions.

We provide tailor made training, coaching and advisory solutions grounded in international theory and successful application. Our strategy focuses on bringing tangible results and creating better businesses. Our professional advice addresses specific challenges through tested methodology.

Sustainability Knowledge Group emphasizes in implementing methodologies that bring tangible results and create better businesses. By integrating Sustainability in their core business, companies and organizations become profitable with minimum impact on the environment and society. We believe in creating and sharing long-lasting value!

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