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    Let this course take you on a journey about understanding yourself intrinsically and translate your strengths and approaches in a way that helps you communicate with and influence others. The course includes the sharing of ideas and expertly facilitated activities designed to enable transition of learning into the workplace.

    What's Special About This Course? 

    This course is run by Bruhad Buch, a SDTP Certified Design Thinking Practitioner, who has consulted with client leaders in the field of leadership coaching, talent and change management for over a decade!

    He has trained over 15000 professionals, across all levels of management Augmenting Organizational Growth by reducing attrition rates on an average of 3%, by designing career road-maps and deploying appropriate learning &development initiatives Helping Organizations reduce 5% of their annual wage bills by designing Assessment & Development Center's that amalgamated with their success ion planning models.

    Also, remember that this course is operated by WorleyParsons, a key and widely recognized player in the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) ;

    Course Overview

    Leadership means different things to different people around the world, and different things in different situations. Leadership has nothing to do with personal attributes, titles or years of experience, leadership is in action. Moving from Management by Adrenalin to Future ready leadership is an insight that most leaders in the dynamically changing business environment are adopting.
    Like Einstein once said, "The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This course helps you to visualize the ;

    You will Learn How to:
    • Identify and be aware of your personality type.
    • Empathize with and manage stakeholders with ease.
    • Recognize conflict management styles and how to deal with them.
    • Realize the paradigm shift in leadership and how adapting to the new world leadership styles will help you gain momentum.
    • 1) Emerging business scenario and the need for leadership effectiveness
    • 2) Significance of the number 7 for Leadership
    • 3) Moving from dependence to independence
    • 4) Become an Intrapreneur by visualizing the future
    • 5) Set your priorities right
    • 6) Interdependence - Think win-win
    • 7) Empathize and get insight
    • 8) Synergize - through positive team work
    • 9) Explore, Re-imagine and Reinvent the spirit of Leadership
    Updated on 04 September, 2018

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    ‘Accelerating people capability and performance across the full asset lifecycle’

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    We want to help our clients empower their people, maximizing professional capabilities to sustain asset integrity and growth. The Academy’s offerings will create a learning experience that will engage, inspire and empower learners to transfer their knowledge back into the workplace.

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    The Worley Academy delivers learning and development programs through; public courses, long–term alliances, tailored programs, and specialized consultancy. With over 90 instructors and 200 courses, our training capability covers a range of disciplines needed for continuing professional development.
    • Have access to the most current/up to date knowledge of industry norms/trends
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    • All of our courses can be tailored and delivered in-house.

    All of our courses can be tailored and delivered in-house.

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