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In this intensive Mini Camp, you will identify a process for developing the network baseline for routers, switches, and end systems, and you will develop a working understanding of proven troubleshooting methodologies based on Cisco best practices, industry-proven processes, and the instructor's practical experiences. The focus of the course is on general routing and switching at the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) level of expertise. Numerous practical troubleshooting lab exercises reinforce the lecture material. In fact, for each hour of lecture, there is an hour of lab. Each student pair will have access to seven Cisco devices (routers and switches) in order to complete the lab scenarios.
If you require the skills to troubleshoot a medium-to-large Ethernet-TCP/IP network using Cisco routers and switches and you would like to better prepare for the troubleshooting portion of the CCNA certification exam, this is the course for you.

Target Audience

Individuals seeking CCNA certification; network engineers requiring troubleshooting skills on Cisco devices and networks; CCNP candidates wishing preparation for the TSHOOT course; and any network professional responsible for the availability and performance of the enterprise network


  • Establishing a baseline
  • Documenting a baseline for routers, switches, and end systems
  • Troubleshooting methodology based on a layered model
  • Proven troubleshooting methodology
  • Gathering symptoms for physical and data link problems
  • pide and conquer
  • Troubleshooting Ethernet switching
  • Troubleshooting the WAN
  • Guidelines for isolating and correcting physical and data link problems
  • Resolving problems at the network layer
  • General routing protocol troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting OSPF
  • Troubleshooting EIGRP
  • Isolating and correcting network layer problems
  • Isolating and correcting upper layer problems
  • Troubleshooting Access Control Lists
  • Troubleshooting NAT/PAT
  • Troubleshooting DHCP
  • Troubleshooting SSH

Course Outline

1. Establishing Baseline Documentation and Determining a Troubleshooting Strategy

  • Course Introduction
  • Learner skills and objectives
  • Course goals and objectives
  • Course flow
  • Course materials and tools
  • Establishing a Baseline
  • Baselining Tools
  • Components of a network configuration table
  • Router network configuration table
  • Switch network configuration table
  • Components of a topology diagram
  • Network configuration of a router Network configuration of a switch
  • Guidelines for Creating Network
  • Documentation
  • End-system documentation
  • Determining an Effective Troubleshooting Strategy
  • Applying a layered model
  • Differences in models
  • Encapsulated data flow process
  • Role of network devices in the model and data flow
  • Troubleshooting methodologies
  • Shoot from the hip Top-down Bottom-up
  • pide and conquer
  • Follow-the-path
  • Spot-the-differences
  • General troubleshooting process
  • Gathering symptoms
  • Guidelines for isolating and correcting problems and available resources
  • Isolate the problem
  • Correct the problem
  • Gathering symptoms
  • Router commands
  • Switch commands
  • End user

2. Isolating and Correcting Problems at the Physical and Data Link Layers

  • Common Symptoms of Problems at Physical and Data Link
  • Commands and tools available
  • Isolating problems
  • Correcting problems
  • Troubleshooting Ethernet Switching
  • The Ethernet frame
  • Dynamic MAC-address table
  • Collision domains
  • Ethernet physical problems
  • Broadcast domains
  • VLANs and trunks
  • VTP
  • Useful switch commands
  • Problem scenarios and applying troubleshooting strategy
  • Troubleshooting the WAN
  • Frame Relay
  • PPP
  • Problem scenarios and applying troubleshooting strategy
  • Guidelines for isolating and correcting physical and data link problems

3. Resolving Problems at the Network Layer

  • Review of IP
  • Role in OSI model
  • IP datagram
  • IP addressing
  • Subnetting
  • VLSM
  • Summarization
  • Address assignment - DHCP
  • ICMP
  • Ping and trace
  • Relationship to Layer 2
  • ARP
  • Encapsulation
  • Problem scenarios and applying troubleshooting strategy
  • Review of Routing
  • General principles and routing process
  • Control plane Data plane
  • Fast switchin
  • Evolution
  • CEF
  • Encapsulation - frame write and rewrite
  • Useful commands
  • IGP and EGP Families of routing protocols
  • Distance vecto
  • r - RIP
  • Link state - OSPF/IS-IS
  • Hybrid - EIGRP
  • Problem scenarios and applying troubleshooting strategy
  • Troubleshooting OSPF
  • Methodology
  • Diagnostic commands
  • Troubleshooting EIGRP
  • Methodology
  • Flow Chart
  • Topology Table
  • Useful commands
  • Verification
  • Troubleshooting
  • Problem scenarios and applying troubleshooting strategy
  • Guidelines for isolating and correcting network layer problems

4. Upper Layer Problems

  • Review of TCP/UDP and Applications
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • Applications
  • FTP
  • Telnet and SSH
  • SMTP
  • HTTP and HTTPS
  • TFTP, SNMP, DNS, etc.
  • Useful commands
  • Troubleshooting Access Control Lists
  • Implementation commands
  • Usage guidelines
  • Troubleshooting NAT/PAT
  • Implementation Commands
  • Verification Commands
  • Troubleshooting DHCP
  • Implementation commands
  • Verification commands
  • Securing Access
  • SSH
  • HTTPs
  • Useful commands
  • Verification
  • Troubleshooting
  • Applying troubleshooting strategy
  • Guidelines for isolating and correcting upper layer problems

5. Optional Topics and Mastery Labs

  • Overview of BGP
  • Password Recovery
  • Loss of IOS Recovery
  • Route Redistribution
  • IPv6

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