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Before you can decide how to manage your time better, you need to recognize how you manage your time now. Busy people do what is required, and rarely have the opportunity to stop and consider whether they are making the best use of their time. A brief analysis of what you do currently may surprise you, and it may help you to identify some changes that could be made. This course will help you to consider the activities that currently take up most of your time, and how you plan and log them. You will also be encouraged to consider the work-life balance to which you aspire, and what steps you could take to make this wish a reality. Each of us is different, and this inevitably affects the way in which we approach time management. Some people habitually wake early, and find that the morning is the best time for them to handle creative tasks or difficult problems; others prefer to rise and work late--these people probably prefer to tackle only easy, routine tasks in the morning. Our personalities also play a significant role in the way we handle tasks and manage time. You are probably already doing certain things well, but there will inevitably be areas that can be improved. The last lesson in this course will help you to approach these changes in a positive and constructive way.

Target Audience

Anyone in business who would like to have more time to do things that they really need or want to do.

Course Overview

Lesson Overview

  • identify the benefits of reviewing current time-management practices.

The Pareto Principle

  • identify examples of the Pareto Principle in action.

Methods for Recording Time

  • observe the activities of given inpiduals and make recommendations for appropriate time-logging methods.

Work-Life Balance

  • use life chart categories to determine an inpidual's satisfaction with his current situation.

Lesson Overview

  • identify the benefits of understanding the impact of energy and personality on time management.

The Energy Cycle

  • schedule tasks to take advantage of the energy cycle.

Impact of Personality Type on Time Management

  • suggest ways in which inpiduals can better manage time, based on their personality types.
  • match different personality types with their characteristics.

Time or Task Oriented?

  • respond appropriately to task- and time-oriented inpiduals in a given scenario.

Lesson Overview

  • identify the benefits of taking better control of time management.

Active Listening for Better Time Management

  • apply the principles of active listening to improve time management in a given scenario.
  • identify the steps for active listening to improve time management.

Learning to Say "No"

  • deal effectively with demands on time in a given scenario.
  • characterize the three elements of the strategy for saying no.

Changing Your Approach to Time Management

  • distinguish between drivers and resistors for changing the approach to time management.

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