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Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount and complexity of work that surrounds you? Have you ever felt that time just flies by and you never have enough to complete what you set out to do? Have you ever been stressed because you feel you don't have sufficient time to complete your tasks?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then this may be the ideal course for you. Time and stress management is far more complex than it appears. While it is common knowledge that effective time management will enable you to get more work done and lower your stress levels, acquiring this essential habit and becoming organized in our everyday lives is a struggle for many inpiduals.

Many of us place blame on external factors when we feel that our time has not been used productively and efficiently. The interrupting co-worker, the nuisance phone calls or the millions of other distractions that wreak havoc with our schedules are mostly held responsible. However, better management of time requires an internal effort to prioritize and effectively organize our workload and daily schedules.

Achieving time management skills will inevitably lead to a reduction in stress which occurs frequently due to a lack of time and having incomplete work.

This one day course will enlighten participants in how to effectively manage their time and stress and to realize the significant impact this will have on their personal and professional lives. The course will use slides, audio and visual methods and handouts to present information and also involve participants in role play exercises as well as discussions about the best ways in which they can organize their lives and minimize stress.


The course aims to achieve the following:

  • Familiarize participants with causes of stress and mismanagement of time
  • Familiarize participants with ways in which stress can be dealt with effectively
  • Familiarize participants with ways in which time can be managed efficiently and successfully
  • Help participants to learn ways of organizing their work and personal lives
  • Help participants learning the best ways of coping with distractions
  • Teach participants to make informed decisions about time allocation and linking of goals

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Handle crisis quickly and effectively
  • Understand the causes of stress
  • Become aware of and able to implement stress reducing techniques
  • Understand the reasons why time is mismanaged
  • Effectively organize their time
  • Increase productivity at work
  • Learn to prioritize tasks
  • Learn to delegate and defer
  • Develop a personal action plan
  • Become better equipped in handling tight deadlines

About Kawader

Kawader is a learning and development institute licensed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai (KHDA) that helps people grow in so many ways. It is a place where they combine theoretical information and practical exercises to create memorable and impactful experiences that drive towards learning, behavioral change and business outcomes.

At Kawader, their mission is to prepare people to work in a multicultural environment, face new challenges, critically assess business issues and contribute to a brighter future for their organizations.

their consultants are energetic, experienced and committed leaders in learning. They have worked in a wide range of industries including telecommunications, universities, banking, transportation, governmental agencies, health care, media, and hospitality.

their focus is on using innovative, engaging learning methods to reach favorable outcomes. they work as partners with their clients to develop new insights and building capabilities that make a difference.

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