Xertiance LLC Fudamentals of Quantitative Risk Modelling Xertiance LLC
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    Learn to develop your bespoke quantitative risk model regardless of the industry or discipline you are in. Learn how available data can be retrieved to understand present and past business values and how to forecast the future risk.

    This 3 days training boot camp is designed to help you understand the foundation of this critical business skill, the skill of building quantitative risk models. Through a series of instructor-led lectures, demonstrations, and exercises you will learn the key fundamentals of quantitative risk modelling.

    Such fundamentals can be applied to any industry and used with any risk discipline. You can apply what you will learn to develop a crisis management risk model for a government agency, or an operational risk model at a financial services firm, or a cyber security risk model for a telecom, or a business continuity risk model for an energy supplier.

    The common aspect is the quantitative model that is produced from your own business data.

    By the end of the course you will be exposed to a number of commonly used quantitative risk models along with the building blocks which will allow you the capability to build your own models Updated on 10 April, 2019

    Eligibility / Requirements

    At least 12 months experience in risk management position

    About Xertiance LLC

    Xertiance is an innovative professional services firm which has designed solutions and provided answers to  governance, risk, and compliance related problems since 2016. 

    We design and undertake interventions to guarantee lasting impact and profound solution to problems our clients are facing.

    We incorporate special capabilities in area of strategic risk management, quantitative risk modeling, and streamlining governance processes.   
    Our Mission
    To create value to our clients by designing high impact and lasting solutions to their problems by the incorporation of cutting edge innovation research, creative design thinking, and effective communication strategies   
    Our Vision
    To be an international power house of innovative research in areas of risk decision modeling and predictive analytics paving the way for the creation of technology based ventures who can make use of such researches. 

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