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Project Managers and Contracts Managers in the Real-Estate-Development and Construction Industries, in the GCC region, increasingly call for, or require, a simplified understanding of the legal principles and environments surrounding Contracts. Very few, if any, training materials is available to help those professionals understand the significance and contexts within which a contract is correctly formed, implemented, and/or enforced. The Contract regime may not be treated in isolation of its Project Management context and the contract should be drafted in a way that facilitates performance and matches the expected and/or customary roles of the Parties in the real-life practice. This course comes timely to address these needs and serves as an eye-opener for many issues facing the Construction process and related consultancy services.

Course Description:

This unique Course is designed for Contract-Managers and Administrators working on Development Projects in the GCC Area, and is typically customized to the interests of the group participating in the course. It is an introductory course that can be modified based on actual circumstance and demand.

Daily Outline

- How the "Legal System" defines the "Business Environments": Introduction
- Sources of "contract law", legal concepts, and elements of contracts
- Sources of Liability: how it arises
- Formation and Structure of Construction Contracts
- Contract Interpretation and Prioritization of Contract Documents and information.
- Contract Enforcement (, Remedies in Contract)
- Practical considerations in drafting and executing contracts
- Most Negotiated Terms in Construction and Consultancy Contracts
- Model Contracts and Modifications via Special Conditions and Additional Provisions.
- Typical Additional Provisions of Contract.
- Types of contracts: General
- Standard Forms of Contract Updated on 20 April, 2020

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