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Course objective
The aim and objectives of this training program is to ensure that personnel preparing for a gas tester role are equipped with the knowledge to conduct gas tests for oxygen levels, flammable and toxic gases safely. Their gas testing skills must be assessed either in the workplace or at an approved training center.
Course outline
  • Confined space criteria
  • The hazards of operating within an oxygen deficient, toxic or flammable environment
  • Carrying out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment (TBRA) or (KBRA)
  • Using safe systems of work
  • The implications of organizational and statutory requirements
  • Interpreting operational requirements
  • Selecting and using PPE and RPE
  • Working within the Permit To Work system
  • The operating principles of atmospheric monitoring and measuring equipment
  • Gas detector pre-start checks
  • Calibrating the instruments used in atmospheric testing
  • How to set up relevant detectors for each gas testing application
  • The behavior of different flammable and toxic gases
  • The range and frequency of tests
  • Acceptable levels of flammable and toxic gases
  • Performing gas tests in sequence
  • Obtaining a representative atmosphere sample
  • Monitoring and retesting
  • Where to site ongoing monitoring equipment
  • Interpreting and documenting the results
  • Hot work and the production of flammable and toxic gases
  • The principles of hot work gas testing
  • The hazards and properties of flammable gases
  • The strengths and weaknesses of flammable and toxic gas detection equipment
  • Detectors used for flammable product
  • How a flammable gas or vapor clouds could arrive at the work site
  • Checking the controls on the equipment
  • The importance of regular communication
Updated on 08 February, 2018

Job roles this course is suitable for:

Gas Testers , confined space workers , excavations workers

About International Engineering Consulting & Training

International Engineering for Consulting and Training (IECT) was founded by highly qualified and competent people in occupational health, safety and environment field which is constantly evolving for its great importance.
Because of that IECT is now one of the lead companies in middle east in general and Jordan in specific as a specialized company that provides consultation and training courses in safety, health and environment, and in quality management, to regulatory and legislative sectors and to private and public sector companies of different specialty like oil and gas industries, food industries, services sector, hospitals.
It also provide its services to the funding bodies that is interested in the production, processing, analyzing, distribution, marketing, and monitoring the different kinds of industries and keeping the work environment as safe as possible.
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