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Further develop your skills in listening and speaking by taking this advanced level conversation course. Speaking and listening activities combined with pronunciation practice, vocabulary and grammar exercises expand your ability to communicate clearly and effectively for social, work or academic purposes.
Advanced courses are designed for individuals who have already mastered the English Language, but who simply want to keep up their knowledge or hone their skills. The course offers students the opportunity, in conversational form, to strengthen their skills in vocabulary, grammar, and general communication on a variety of topics.
The classes are exclusively in English. Further, all of our classes meet in small groups. This allows each individual more time to speak in class, while allowing the teacher to focus on his/ her specific needs.
The Course lasts for 10 weeks, with lessons held once per week in 120-minute intervals.
  Updated on 20 May, 2018

About Khashaba Academy

Khashaba Academy for Training Services ( KATS ) is a training center provides about 20 different courses varies in duration and content according to the candidates. Our mission in the Arab market is to facilitate learning to whom might be interested via 3 different chanels :
1. On site
2. Online with fixed schedule
3. Online on customer's  pace.
Finally,  we hope to be one of the most popular service provider in this field. 
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