The World of Fashion ESMOD Beirut
  • Price LBP 400,000
  • Duration 18 Hours
  • Location Rustom Basha Street - Ain El-Mreisseh Beirut - Lebanon

This course will allow participants to access an artistic, stylish and functional world: the world of fashion. The goal begins to differentiate the Fashion Design from the Pattern Drafting but also bind them. Linkages need to be made from the early stages to get to present a complete collection.

Explanation of each session:

  • Introduction: definition of Fashion Design and Pattern Making jobs (exercises, exhibition, slideshow)
  • Dictionaryof fashion: discovery of technical words, the language of fashion, styling offices and personnel for both jobs (Fashion Designer and Pattern Maker).
  • Chainof work: theme, mood, colors, sectors ... (Collage, search photos, cutting magazines)
  • Collection plan: products, consistency of a collection (a total look layout on the dummies ); fabrics prototype.
  • Brands: photos,magazines, videos, celebrityimages.
  • Workshop: Implementation of the course in a setting outside of ESMOD.

In 1841, Alexis Lavigne, the French inventor of the couture mannequin and the supple measuring tape, was the first person to open a school in the world of fashion.

Today, ESMOD has become the worldwide leader in fashion education. In France, as Theyll as across the globe, ESMOD has developed a high level of training that is equally technical and artistic.The criteria of student profiles are more and more complete: computer skills, full knowledge of new textiles, and development of different cultural materials through marketing skills including an international aspect.

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