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The Ultimate Social Media for Business Diploma

In the digital age, having an appealing social media presence is not only desirable - it is an absolute must. Never before in the history of humanity has it been so easy to reach people on the other side of the globe and convert them into clients. The combined Social Media course takes you on a journey to explore the main components of a successful social media presence and shows you how to implement them for your business.Whether you are an owner or an employee in a business that is yet to tap into the vast business opportunity that social media has to offer, this course will equip you with all the knowledge, expert’s techniques and sophisticated methods to not only drive in traffic from social media channels but also convert it into actual sales.Social media channels are becoming primary tools for businesses to get noticed, build their influence and capitalise on this exposure by successfully attracting and converting followers into leads. Having an effective social media activity is not an end goal, rather it is a continuous business process that absolutely needs to be integrated with the normal company activity.

What you will learn:

  • How to create your overall social media strategy using the POST methodology
  • How to build the perfect layout for an engaging and highly converting website
  • How to set up a Facebook page for your business
  • How to utilise Facebook advertising for targeting your potential clients and drive traffic towards your website
  • How to instantly engage and communicate with your audience on Twitter and promote your business
  • How to build your authority online with LinkedIn and reach out to potential employees and business partners
Social Media for BusinessBuilding a solid foundation on the three pillars of social media - Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, takes time, extensive analysis, and most importantly, the “know how” to make it all work in perfect symbiosis. Reading the course material will give you the advice you need to implement the theory for your business. If social media channels are your digital vessels to transport passengers, then your website is the destination where you want them to drop the anchor. In Social Media for Business, you will learn the importance of proper website structure and how to craft your website so that it becomes an attractive destination for your social media followers.Implementing social media for business is a game of strategy where it does not matter when you start, whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned professional. What really matters is whether you know where you are going and how to get there and this is why the Social Media for Business course features an overview of the POST method for creating a social media strategy. The POST method examines four verticals - People, Objectives, Strategy, and Technology, the building blocks of any successful social media strategy. Defining the categories and setting measurable goals for each of them will be the cornerstone of building your social media presence and the course is designed to be a practical, “no-nonsense” guide for this very important step.In the advertising industry there is a saying that content is king and indeed it is now more important than ever to show your social media followers high quality and authentic content from the moment they first notice a social media post to the moment they are browsing your helpful company website. Blogging for businesses is becoming a differentiating factor for clients who value a helpful blog post more than the aggressive sales pitch. Fortunately, the course covers blogging from a business point of view and offers material that will give you a head start into producing your own original content that your social media followers will adore.Facebook for BusinessThe course explores Facebook, the grandfather of social networks and undoubtedly the key channel for social media exposure. Creating a Facebook page for your business makes it easier for your potential clients to directly reach you and this is why the course features a step-by-step guide on how to create and maintain a professional Facebook page.Gathering a large following on Facebook is important because your brand will gain “digital authority” and new followers will intuitively trust it. Even more importantly, the pearl in the crown of Facebook features is the ability to directly target and advertise to specific groups of people. Businesses can target any potential customer in the world and use contextual data such as age, region and even their interests and hobbies! If this sounds complicated, fear not because the Facebook for Business course covers extensively this very important aspect of social media usage in a business context.Twitter for BusinessThe course also features an overview of Twitter which is becoming the primary channel for instant communication for businesses of all sizes. The limitation of 140 characters per tweet is an opportunity to convey your business message in a way that can be absorbed quickly and acted upon by your followers.Building an effective Twitter strategy gives you access to millions of people using the platform and your brand can quickly become a part of their daily life. The Twitter for Business course explores in detail how to leverage Twitter to influence your followers as well as how to use the multiple third party applications in the most effective way.LinkedIn for BusinessThe primary goal for business brands nowadays is to become omnipresent in properly utilising Facebook and Twitter. The issue then becomes proving authenticity and perhaps this is the reason why LinkedIn is a popular addition to the social media marketing mix. The LinkedIn for business course explores LinkedIn as a professional network for companies who want to gain authority in their field, become everyone’s favourite industry experts, connect with potential partners or simply recruit the next additions to their teams.Undoubtedly, having a professional profile on LinkedIn is a must for companies of all sizes and we explain the step-by-step process of getting started on LinkedIn and the multiple strategies to approach the millions of professionals that are currently part of this social network.

The Benefits of our Ultimate Social Media Course

There are a number of major benefits associated with this special Social Media Course in that it does provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to implement social media for your business and how to have social influence as a business in the digital era.Throughout the various courses there is a focus on the practical steps you need to do to set social media profiles, but also useful information on what the social media experts are doing and how you too, can become the social media guru for your company.However, further benefits include:
  • Study online and at home
  • Study at your own pace
  • Have full support online as you complete the course
  • Take advantage of the comprehensive modules that are easy to follow
  • Receive an industry recognised certification at the end
  • There are no entry requirements
Companies who aren’t using social media channels to promote themselves risk lagging behind their “progressive” competitors. By taking this course, you make the smart decision to get on the digital boat earlier than other businesses and get an all-round view of everything you need to be doing to be successful in the digital age. Updated on 08 July, 2018

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The Ultimate Social Media for Business Diploma

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