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Arabic Level 1

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Updated on 08 November, 2015
Price: JOD 1,350

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Level 1 is for students who already know how to read Arabic out loud and have basic writing abilities in Arabic. Students who can't read Arabic phonetically should contact Rumman Academy and plan on arriving 3 weeks before the Session start date. 

Level 1 is your first steps in learning Arabic–first giant steps. Level 1 is structured to train you to have winning habits in learning Arabic. A solid foundation is paramount to your future success in learning Arabic so Level 1 focuses on rapidly building vital skills. Learn to speak from day one by practicing introducing yourself. An intense focus on writing at this critical early stage accelerates your acquisition of Arabic. Master the most useful vocabulary words to boost early performance. Cover in Rumman Academy in Level 1 what others cover in many months at other Arabic Programs.

About Rumman Academy

they love Arabic. Why? Arabic is an incredible language, truly one of a kind. Arabic is a language of mind blowing order. Through its root word system, many different words of different meanings are all derived from a single three letter root. Arabic is a language of remarkable depth. Rich both in number of words and in different shades of meaning for single words, Arabic is a sophisticated language capable of conveying remarkably nuanced meanings.

Arabic is language of hair splitting precision. Through the use of inflection, the Grammatic roles are made clear and the intended meaning is accurately understood. Sentence order can signify importance or order of occurrence, but a change in the typical VSO (Verb Subject Object) order can put emphasis on a meaning in the sentence beyond the action itself. Aside from just a single form and a plural form there’s a dual form. Likewise, verbs aren’t just conjugated for single and plural tenses, but also for the dual tense. This is realized along with separate conjugations for masculine and feminine tenses. All of this lends to the precision of Arabic. Amazingly, while these facts sound complicated to beginners, all of these skills are internalized without incident by the end of Level 1 in their Program.

Arabic is a language of age old tradition. Arabic is an old language, with deep roots in the Sciences and the Humanities. Arabic was also the vehicle of Islam’s canon; from the texts of the Quran and Hadith to the Islamic Sciences of Tafseer, Hadith Commentary, Creed, and Jurisprudence.

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