This session provides the necessary skills and knowledge for the application of quality management processes in projects. And the use of assessment and review of quality improvement at project management.

Output by the end of the training session that is expected of the trainee:

  •  understand the principles of quality management in projects. 
  •  it knows what tools and techniques used in the quality of project management. 
  •  determines the quality requirements. 
  •  efficiently applied quality assurance processes. 
  •  apply improvements and development through quality projects. 
  • expected level of qualification is expected to be equivalent to the level 8 
  • standard assessment for each training director 
  • trainee will be assessed during the session based on his performance in the activities carried out by.

Target group session has been designed to fit the needs of:

  •  the quality assurance staff. 
  •  Managers. 
  •  Project Managers. 
  •  Project coordinators. 
  •  Business Managers. 
  •  Supervisors. 
  •  business advisors. 
  •  Engineers projects.

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WTDI offers training for advancing careers of learners through gaining and improving skills and knowledge.

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