• Identify your personal leadership style and understand the impact it has on those around you.
  • Know how to adapt your leadership style to the needs of the people you manage.
  • Lead and manage change successfully, within the business, dealing with resistance along the way.
  • Manage and organize your resources effectively to achieve business results.
  • Deal with conflict in the workplace in a positive and constructive manner.
  • Develop the performance of those around you through coaching and feedback.
  • Deal with poor performers.

Main Topics

Personal Leadership Style:

  • The relationship between leading and managing.
  • Receiving feedback on your personal leadership style .
  • Analyzing your personal leadership style .
  • Exploring self-perception and how others perceive you.
  • The impact of your style on those you manage.
  • Practical and applicable leadership models/tools .
  • Identifying your personal strengths and areas for development change .
  • Initiating and leading change - your role as a manager and a champion .
  • Organizational culture and its impact on change initiatives .
  • Communicating change and delivering difficult messages .
  • Managing change on a day-to-day basis - plans into action .
  • Linking change to the business strategy .
  • Gaining commitment to the change and dealing with resistance .
  • Encouraging change, creativity and innovation.

Resource Management:

  • Planning, organizing and utilizing resources .
  • Monitoring and controlling resources .
  • Effective delegation when under time and priority pressure(s).

Managing the Performance of Others through Coaching and Feedback:

  • Aligning performance to the organizational vision.
  • Setting clear performance expectations .
  • Coaching techniques to create high performers.
  • Creating the environment and opportunities for others to grow .
  • Identifying the potential in others and creating a structured development plan.
  • Providing motivational feedback and praise.

Managing Conflict:

  • Establishing a positive working environment.
  • Aligning personal and corporate values.
  • Identifying your personal conflict handling style.
  • Adapting your style to different situations.
  • Practical techniques for dealing with conflict and difficult people.

Challenging & Dealing with Under-Performance:

  • Defining under-performance and the reasons for it.
  • Giving constructive and timely feedback.
  • Remaining credible, honest and professional .
  • Techniques for dealing with poor performers.

Target Group

Suitable for middle managers who are responsible for the performance of other managers/team leaders and who run a business unit or department.

To become a leading institution in providing a package of value added services; all bundled together for the purpose of achieving organizational excellence and maximizing human assets outputs.

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