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    Who Should Attend:

    • Senior Managers & Directors
    • Future Leaders
    • Individuals with Executive Potential
    Course Objectives:

    • Learn to sharpen your leadership skills and inspire others
    • Understand the key functional areas of the business and manage them renewed knowledge and confidence
    • Get ready to transform your organisation with new strategic thinking and direction
    • Set the stage for innovative thought-processes and frameworks by influencing and communicating ideas
    • Develop deeper awareness of macroeconomic trends and the external business environment
    • Lead the organisation to explore and penetrate new markets and launch new products
    • Leverage your personal leadership style to enhance your effectiveness in leading teams and drive optimal performance from your workforce
    • Balance strategic priorities while establishing competitive advantage and directly contribute to the bottom-line
    • Develop skills to tap the full potential of your organisation's human capital.
     What will you gain?

    By the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Discover and adapt your leadership style to compete and succeed in a globally competitive environment
    • Strengthen your ability to interpret and apply information from functional areas for sound, fully informed decision-making
    • Master strategic skills for effective decision making, strategy development and implementation
    • Strategically plan and become the driving force that leads the organisation to success
    • Communicate a powerful organisational vision and inspire team members to 'take ownership' of its success and failure
    • Redirect your energy and time to effectively tackle the most pressing strategic challenges
    • Challenge your thinking with new ideas and concepts to streamline organisational processes and compete more aggressively in the global marketplace
    • Develop ways to successfully navigate through ambiguity and uncertainty, and reduce complexity while exploring new opportunities
    • Spearhead your organisation into untapped global markets and introduce new products and services to attain competitive advantage
    • Implement a coaching culture in the organisation to develop and encourage new potential
    • Redefine your leadership by exploring and enhancing leadership and decision-making capabilities that are used by great and successful leaders.
     Course Content:

    Discovering the Leader Within

    • What is your Personal Leadership Style?
    • How to use your leadership style to get results?
    • Challenges of today's Executive Leadership
    • Adapting and Achieving - Becoming a High Performance Leader
     Breaking down Organisational Cues

    • Knowing the business inside-out
    • In-depth understanding of the company's departments and functions
    • Building a Team of No 'Yes-Men' Functional Heads
     Strategic Management and Executive Leadership

    • Setting a Mission and Vision
    • Setting Goals and Objectives for Future Success
    • Strategy Formulation and Development
    • Execution and Implementation
    • Hurdles Along the way
    • Dealing with Failure
    Leadership and Decision-Making

    • Seeing the Big Picture
    • Identifying the Real Issues facing the business
    • Decoding Hidden Cues
    • Analysing information
    • Calling all shots: Making Decisions using Functional Knowledge
    • Gaining unanimous approval of all stakeholders
    Strategic Business Communication

    • Listening Techniques - L.A.E.R Model
    • Influencing and Persuading Effortlessly
    • Communicating and Cascading Information across organisational levels
    • Gaining trust from team members
    • Negotiating fearlessly
    Coaching and Mentoring

    • Enforcing a coaching style of Leadership
    • G.R.O.W Model in Coaching
    • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
    • Developing high potential through a coaching culture
    Managing Change and Uncertainty

    • Becoming the Driver of Change in Good and Bad Economies
    • Harnessing the potential of team members while leading change
    • Motivating and Inspiring
    • Overcoming Organisational Barriers to Change
     Strategic Business Sense: Discovering Unexplored Territories

    • Taking Calculated Risks
    • Introducing New Products and Services
    • Gaining true Competitive Advantage
    • Discover new opportunities to create exceptional value
     Creativity and Innovation

    • Critical Thinking: Knowing which innovative ideas will deliver the greatest impact
    • Implementing a Culture of Innovation
    • Encouraging New Ideas and Breakthrough Solutions
    Personal Action Plan

    • How to keep going and doing it right.

    Job roles this course is suitable / will prepare you for

    Achievement through Inspiration is the main goal of this workshop

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