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    This course describes a particular financial statement and presents a technique for its preparation.
    The statement of cash flows is described in this course, and a technique for preparation is presented by working through examples. You will see how changes in assets, liabilities, and equity affect the Statement of Cash Flows, along with the sale of equipment.
    This program in the field of accounting will serve as an overview for accounting and finance professionals who need to sharpen their fundamental understanding of the core financial statements and how they work together.
    • Discover the purpose and layout of the Statement of Cash Flows.
    • Recognize how changes in assets, liabilities, equity affects the Statement of Cash Flows.
    • Discover how to prepare a Statement of Cash Flows.
    • Recognize how a worksheet should be used as an aid in preparing the Statement of Cash Flows.
    • Recognize how the sale of equipment affects the Statement of Cash Flows.
    • Difference between direct and indirect method
    • What are the activities in cash flow?
    • Importance of cashflow
    • What is Difference between cash profit and accrual profit
    • Two case studies
    Updated on 20 September, 2021

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