The Basics Of Well Completion And Workover Operations Texas A&M University Qatar

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Proper and effective well completion design and implementation are the keys to achieving maximum recovery in the most economical and safe manner. Another equally important aspect of optimizing production is the ability to identify the causes of production impairment or deficiency and properly select, design and implement remedial workover operations. This course provides the participants with the knowledge needed to effectively select, design and implement well completions and workover operations.

Through understanding of the impacts of the various reservoir and production conditions on well completion, and knowledge of the various well completion designs, participants will learn how to make the most effective selection of well completions for various conditions. The various types of subsurface completion, production and control equipment and their functions and selection criteria will be covered. Tubing design and selection procedure will be discussed and demonstrated through design practice problems. Participants will then be familiarized with the different types of completion and workover fluids, their properties and selection criteria. The course will then cover the descriptions, design considerations and implementation procedures of typical completion and workover operations such as perforating, remedial cementing, sand control and matrix stimulation. An overview of production logging techniques and interpretation for identification of well problems will also be presented. The course will conclude by having the participants working, in small teams, on actual well cases, making short presentations and discussing the results of their work.

Course Content:

  • Introduction: what are well completion and workover operations?
  • Types, applications, and selection of well completion
  • Tubing design
  • Subsurface production and control equipment
  • Completion and workover fluids
  • Perforation and Stimulation Remedial cementing

Who should attend?

Engineers and field and operations managers/supervisors who are involved in, or starting new assignments involving well completion design and workover operations. Reservoir and production engineers who need to acquire an understanding of the entire production system. The course materials and coverage procedure make this course suitable for engineers from any discipline.

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