The Art of Negotiation and Persuasion Egyptian Banking Institute
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  • Locations: Dokki
  • Duration: 16 Hours

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In this course, participants will acquire negotiation and persuasion skills to enhance their ability to negotiate with both internal and external stakeholders especially in tough situations. It will identify the steps of successful negotiation and the essential rules of persuasion.

Course Objectives:

  • Explain types of negotiation and persuasion
  • Identify the rules of negotiation and persuasion
  • Demonstrate different negotiation strategies
  • Explain how to deal with difficult situations in the negotiation process
  • Identify the role of a third party in the negotiation process

Course Outline:

Module 1: Understanding Negotiation and Persuasion

  • Types of negotiation
  • The negotiation process
  • Criteria of successful negotiators
  • Persusion tactics
  • Self confidence and persusion
  • The role of verbal and non verbal cues in persuasion

Module 2: Negotiation and Persuasion Rules

  • Separate the people from the problem
  • Focus on what people really mean
  • Invent options for mutual gain
  • Use objective criteria

Module 3: Negotiation Strategies

  • Good guy–bad guy
  • Budget limitation tactic
  • Browbeating
  • Take it or leave it
  • Lowballing/Nibbling

Module 4:Dealing with Difficult Issues

  • Being prepared for managing dirty tricks
  • Dealing with personal attacks
  • Controlling your emotions
  • Deciding when it’s time to walk away

Module 5: The Role of a Third Party in Negotiation

  • The right situation to include a third party
  • The difference between mediation and arbitration
  • Effective use of third parties to avoid negotiation deadlocks

Assessment Strategy:

Participants will be informally assessed on their interaction during sessions and their participation in exercises

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