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Updated on 08 November, 2015
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In today’s world, phone calls play an important part in our everyday communications in both personal and professional roles. Phone conversations deny us the benefit of making eye contacts or observing others body language to make our interaction more effective. Therefore it is of outmost importance to learn the skills necessary for handling a professional phone call and avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary challenges.

The rise of telephone services provided in global call centres and the expectation of consumers to get a good service no matter where they call has resulted in an ideal “etiquette”. This etiquette must be followed and mastered by anyone who relies on telephone conversations as a mean of communication with customers or colleagues. With the popularity of mobile phones people are now available almost anywhere and at anytime and knowing how to handle phone calls has become more important than ever before.

Course Objectives :

This course contains a lot of materials that covers different aspects of holding conversations on the phone. Delegates will learn how to handle angry or demanding callers, how to establish rapport, how to obtain information or provide it and how to structure their sentences to get maximum results. The course is suitable for handling business or office phone calls, customer service or sales departments and call centres.

Course Topics:

How to Serve People on the Phone?

  • What callers want?
  • What do you want?
  • What people don’t like about phone conversations?

How to Establish Rapport?

  • How to connect to callers emotionally?
  • How to control your tone of voice?
  • How to be emotionally skilled?

How to Obtain Information?

  • How to ask efficient questions to get maximum amount of information?
  • How to minimise misunderstandings?
  • How to ask probing questions?

How to Provide Information?

  • How to present data or guidelines so a customer can easily follow and understand?
  • What not to do when providing information?

How to Hold Telephone Conversations?

  • What are common situations you need to handle when on the phone?
  • How to open phone conversations?
  • How to answer phones?
  • How to close a phone conversation?
  • How to put on hold?
  • How to transfer?
  • How to pick up someone else’s phone?

How to Control Your Tone and Your Content?

  • How to structure your sentences?
  • How to get around the lack of body language signals?
  • How to talk with an appropriate rate of speech?

How to Deal with Common Scenarios?

  • How to respond to angry, demanding or other types of callers?
  • What strategies can you use when you encounter difficult situations?

How to Listen?

  • How to exploit the power of listening skills?
  • What callers want and how to show that you understand their requests?

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