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    International House Cairo-ILI is the founder a world-leader of modern language training with more 50 years' experience. ILI. International House Cairo, is the only IH-recognized centre for training teachers of Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL) and is regularly inspected, supported and up-dated. The 120-hour courses comply with the standards of the Cambridge ESOL Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults.

    Arabic Teacher Training Methodology Course:
    1. This three-week course aims at giving you clear understanding of the principles of best practice for teaching Arabic as a foreign language. By the end of this course you will have:
    2. Developed good awareness the learners’ problems with Arabic in terms of meaning, pronunciation, grammar and morphology and classroom solutions for those problems.
    3. Learnt how to plan engaging lessons in order to enable your students to communicate in Arabic.
    4. Explored different techniques for providing your students with clear explanations and creating opportunities for them to practice and develop their Arabic language skills in class
    Is this course for you?
    • If you are completely new to the teaching Arabic as a foreign language and would like start that career then you should take the TAFL Classroom Practice course after this one.
    • If you are already teaching Arabic as a foreign language and are looking forward to empower your teaching with effective teaching techniques and ideas then this course is for you. Taking the TAFL Classroom Practice course after this one is recommended if you are looking for better job opportunities.

    1. Arabic native speaker with good Arabic, spoken, written and grammar. For non-native speakers of Arabic a level C2 is a must. All candidates must pass the initial Arabic exam.
    2. University graduate, not necessarily with Arabic as major.
    3. Good English, spoken and written. All candidates must pass the initial English exam.
    Updated on 09 April, 2019

    About International House Cairo

    IH Cairo ILI is part of the International House Worldwide Organization (IHWO), which now has 150 schools worldwide. Established in 1975, we are now an official IHWO specialized Arabic language school. Since opening IH Cairo's doors in 1975, we have had thousands of international students learn with us every year.

    We are accredited by two big organizations:

    1- International House world organization (IHWO):

    It is one of the largest and oldest groups of language schools in the world, founded in 1953. They have a global network of over 150 affiliated private language schools in 52 countries, spanning every continent. Schools affiliate to International House to prove their dedication to quality teaching, facilities and student care.

    2- Eaquals Organization:

    It is an association of providers of language services with members in 22 different countries. It offers a widely accepted international quality accreditation scheme, and grants its quality label to institutions that meet its high standards in regular and rigorous inspections. Eaquals ensure, by their accreditation, effective teaching, clearly defined curriculum, and learning objectives and assessment are based upon the levels and principles of the common European framework. They also ensure that teachers are well qualified and well trained, and have access to external teaching resources. For more information

    We have spent 40 years educating and taking care of students and focused on developing and refining our teaching methodology, textbook resources and overall service standard. Our history and experience is what enables us to deliver the highest quality teaching, resources and services in a historical location.

    So, become a part of our history and let us help shape your future.

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