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  • Locations: Bur Dubai
  • Duration: 48 Hours
  • Timings Full Time, Flexible

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    1.   Introduction
    ;   What is a Project?

    PMP ® Course Outline
    ;  What is a Project Management?
    ;   Relationships Among Portfolio Management, Program Management
    ;  Relationship between Project Management, Operations Management and Organizational
    ;  Business Value
    ;   Role of the Project Manager
    ;   Project Management Body of Knowledge

    2. Organizational Influences & Project Life Cycle
    a)   Organizational Influences on Project Management b)   Project Stakeholders and Governance
    c)    Project Team
    d)   Project Life Cycle

    3. Project Management Processes
    a)   Common project management process Interactions b)   Project management process groups
    c)    Initiating Process Group d)   Planning Process Group e)   Executing Process Group
    f)    Monitoring and Controlling Process Group g)   Closing Process Group
    h)   Project Information
    i)     Role of the Knowledge Areas

    4. Project Integration Management
    a)   Develop Project Charter
    b)   Develop Project Management Plan c)    Direct and Manage Project Work
    d)   Monitor and Control Project Work e)   Perform Integrated Change Control f)    Close Project or Phase

    5. Project Scope Management
    a)   Plan Scope Management b)   Collect Requirements 
    c)    Define Scope d)   Create WBS
    e)   Validate Scope
    f)     Control Scope

    6. Project Time Management
    a)   Plan Schedule Management b)   Define Activities
    c)    Sequence Activities
    d)   Estimate Activity Resources e)   Estimate Activity Durations f)    Develop Schedule
    g)   Control Schedule
    7. Project Cost Management
    a)   Plan Cost Management b)   Estimate Costs
    c)    Determine Budget d)   Control Costs

    8. Project Quality Management
    e)   Plan Quality Management f)    Perform Quality Assurance g)   Control Quality

    9. Project Human Resource Management
    a)   Plan Human Resource Management b)   Acquire Project Team
    c)    Develop Project Team d)   Manage Project Team

    10. Project Communications Management
    a)   Plan Communications Management b)   Manage Communications
    c)    Control Communications

    11. Project Risk Management
    d)   Plan Risk Management e)   Identify Risks
    f)    Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
    g)   Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis h)   Plan Risk Responses
    i)    Control Risks

    12. Project Procurement Management

    a)   Plan Procurement Management b)   Conduct Procurement
    c)    Control Procurements
    d)    Close Procurements

    13. Project Stakeholder Management
    a)   Identify Stakeholders
    b)   Plan Stakeholder Management
    c)    Manage Stakeholder Engagement d)   Control Stakeholder Engagement


    Job roles this course is suitable / will prepare you for

    project manager , site engineer , head of departments

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    LearnersPoint, Dubai, is one of the top professional skill development institutions in the Middle East with close to 2 decades of industry experience in in helping organizations achieve progressive and sustainable results. Whether you’re managing top-notch technology initiatives, developing your talent pipeline, or migrating to SAP products, we offer customizable and time-tested learning solutions that arm you for success. As an innovator in best-practices training products and services, our portfolio of training solutions ranges from languages, human resources, autodesk products, project management, digital marketing, executive secretarial, SAP & oracle solutions, supply chain management and also includes high end courses like strategic management and mini MBA. LearnersPoint is affiliated by KHDA, Government of Dubai and is also one of the institutes to have a prestigious recognition from CPD UK. Choose from in-person or live online classroom training, we will deliver nothing but the best. See all Learners Point Training Institute courses

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