Tactical Vehicle Fighting Elite Firearms Training

  • Dry fire exercises 
  • Fighting from inside, outside and around the Vehicle 
  • Using the vehicle as cover 
  • Shooting through the Vehicle Windscreen 
  • Understanding vehicle ballistics 
  • Various shooting positions 
  • Vehicle Approach

Elite Firearms Training is a PFTC (Professional Firearms Training Council) and SAPS Accredited Firearm Training Provider and a SAPS Accredited Sports Shooting Club, offering dedicated status to its members. The Shooting Club Shoots are Courses of Fire aimed at exercises used to grow ones skills set and enhance ones shooting capability. Points are rewarded for anytime spent on the range practising or competing at any other disciplines. Members are issued a logbook which needs to be signed off by Range Officers for points to be awarded.

Elite Firearms Training is run and owned by Davey Gates who completed his Firearms Instructor Course in March 2013 and has recently completed his Tactical Instructor at International Firearm Training Academy where he achieved an Advanced Firearm Level Qualification in all Unit Standards.  He is also a registered with the Professional Firearm Training Council.

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