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The Symantec Messaging Gateway 9.5: Administration course is designed for the customers, support engineers, SEs, consultants, and partners tasked with installation, configuration and administration of Messaging Gateway.

This class covers how to install, configure, and administer Messaging Gateway.


  • By the end of this course, you should be able to:
  • Describe some of the e-mail threats that exist today.
  • Define Symantec Security Response.
  • Describe how Probe Network works.
  • Describe Messaging Gateway 9.5.
  • List key features of Messaging Gateway 9.5.
  • Describe Messaging Gateway 9.5 architecture.
  • Describe how Messaging Gateway 9.5 is deployed.
  • List installation prerequisites.
  • Provide a virtualization overview.
  • Install Messaging Gateway 9.5.
  • Configure Messaging Gateway 9.5.
  • Navigate the Messaging Gateway Control Center.
  • Describe the contents of the Reputation tab in the Messaging Gateway 9.5 Control Center.
  • Configure bad senders policies.
  • Configure connection classes.
  • Configure good senders policies.
  • Use the Find Sender tool.
  • Use the IP Reputation lookup tool.
  • Add or modify existing spam policies.
  • Modify spam quarantine settings.
  • Configure spam scan settings.
  • Describe the contents of the Virus tab in the Messaging Gateway 9.5 Control Center.
  • Add or modify existing virus policies.
  • Configure LiveUpdate settings.
  • Configure antivirus and exclude scanning lists.
  • Configure settings for the virus quarantine.
  • View the suspect virus message quarantine.
  • Describe the contents of the Content tab in the Messaging Gateway 9.5 Control Center.
  • Manage content filtering policies.
  • Configure content filtering resources.
  • Configure content filtering settings.
  • Manage incidences.
  • Describe the contents of the Administration tab in the Messaging Gateway 9.5 Control Center.
  • Manage users and groups.
  • Manage host configuration.
  • Back up Messaging Gateway 9.5.
  • Configure Messaging Gateway 9.5 settings.
  • Manage SSL certificates.
  • Enable and configure Bounce Attack Prevention.
  • Configure local logging levels.
  • Enable and use message audit logs.
  • Describe the directory data service.

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