Sustainability and CSR Masterclas, Online Sustainability Knowledge Group
Price: 590 (including ILM Certification)

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Sustainability and CSR Masterclas, Online
ILM & CPD Standards Office Certified

Date: 17/03//03/2021
Date: 29/09//09/2021
Duration: 8h
2 days live online or 1 day face2face

The Sustainability and CSR Masterclass is designed to give participants the confidence and knowledge to discuss CSR and Sustainability topics in a professional setting. Sustainability is a rapidly expanding area of focus for all industries and sectors. During this course participants will build an understanding of the key areas required to implement and to communicate Sustainability, ESG and CSR as part of their day-to-day responsibilities. To maximize the outcomes for participants in this introductory training, the curriculum adopts a holistic approach to the concepts and introduces current issues, trends, and frameworks while also motivating participants to forecast future opportunities and manage challenges of Sustainability.

Aim and Objectives
  • By the end of this training participants will:
  • Gain solid understanding of Sustainability and CSR concepts and trends
  • Learn to identify and prioritise Stakeholders
  • Practice on disclosing Sustainability performance through international reporting standards and frameworks (GRI, SDGs)
  • Comprehend Sustainability, ESG and CSR communication methodologies avoiding greenwashing
  • Understand the foundations of Sustainability Strategy

Take outs of the course include:
  • At the end of this Masterclass, participants will have the confidence and knowhow to:
  • Communicate effectively Sustainability and CSR topics in the daily working environment
  • Identify organizational risks and opportunities in relation to Sustainability 
  • Adhere to and exceed regulatory expectations through Sustainability and CSR excellence
  • Practically apply Sustainability, ESG and CSR concepts in stakeholder management, strategy implementation, operational level actions, and basic level reporting disclosures

Global ILM & CPD Recognition
Following your successful post-course assignment submission, you will receive the “Sustainability and CSR Masterclass” Certificate  which is endorsed by ILM, and your CPD Standards Office Certificate verifying CPD hours, confirming your achievement.
Key Topics Include
  1. Sustainability and CSR Concepts
  2. Stakeholder identification and engagement
  3. Introduction to Sustainability Strategy
  4. Introduction to Sustainability Reporting
  5. Sustainable communications
  6. Post-course Assignment for ILM Certification
Who should attend
Sustainability is a rapidly expanding area of focus for all industries and sectors. This course is recommended for individuals with any experience level and across department functions who currently have some Sustainability and CSR responsibilities or may anticipate such responsibilities in the future.
Ideal participants may have duties or roles in:
  • CSR/Sustainability
  • Governance and Risk Management
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing/Communications/PR
  • Supply Chain/Logistics
  • Health and Safety
  • Environment
  • Quality
  • Operations
  • Corporate Philanthropy/Foundations

Training Methodology
We firmly believe that a friendly, supportive, and engaging learning environment is key to building long-lasting knowledge and maximizing retention. To support this belief, we built all our courses around a dynamic mixture of lectures, practical exercises, best practice case studies and group discussions.
Our method builds not only knowledge, but a confidence in discussing and applying Sustainability, ESG and Corporate Responsibility concepts and the platform for exchanging ideas and building valuable connections.

Have said about our training courses
“Sustainability and CSR Masterclass is a comprehensive training designed for all levels with well-presented content, lots of opportunities to interact and professional sharing of your knowledge and experience. Great delivery, clear and professional, highly interactive and thoroughly ; 
 , Marketing & Design Consultant, GreenEmirates Consultants
“The Masterclass is an excellent course to help jump start development in CSR & Sustainability. I was happy with the materials and the instructor; absolutely commendable are the encouragement of group activities and interaction during the whole day” 
Rada Asenova, Recruitment Consultant
  Updated on 25 February, 2021

About Sustainability Knowledge Group

Sustainability Knowledge Group is a global advisory firm dedicated in creating value, through strategic CSR and Sustainability solutions.

We provide tailor made training, coaching and advisory solutions grounded in international theory and successful application. Our strategy focuses on bringing tangible results and creating better businesses. Our professional advice addresses specific challenges through tested methodology.

Sustainability Knowledge Group emphasizes in implementing methodologies that bring tangible results and create better businesses. By integrating Sustainability in their core business, companies and organizations become profitable with minimum impact on the environment and society. We believe in creating and sharing long-lasting value!

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