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This  program aims to thoroughly enhance the participant’s competency as a manager by learning all the aspects  in supply chain management. The end to end coverage from Procurement to distribution.

Course Outlines:

Fundamentals of Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Definitions
  • The SCOR reference model for best practices
  • Value Chain concept
  • The 7 fundamental concepts of Supply Chain


  • Economies of Scale
  • Differentiation
  • Multi-Modal Strategy
  • Postponement
  • Standardization
  • Economies of Scope

Demand Management

  • Supply /demand variables
  • Dependant and independent demand
  • Patterns of demand
  • Types of Demand
  • Customer Service Level effect on inventory
  • Delphi Qualitative Forecasting
  • Simple Moving Average Quantitative Forecasting
  • Exponential Smoothing Quantitative Forecasting
  • Measuring Forecasting Error

Fundamentals of Inventory Management

  • Importance of inventory
  • Inventory costs
  • Customer Service Level effect on inventory
  • Effect of Substitutes on Customer Service Level
  • Understanding Lead time
  • Lead time variability and uncertainty
  • Safety Stock Concept
  • Pull systems
  • Reorder Point Control
  • Periodic Review Control

Fundamentals of Warehousing Management

  • Review on Warehousing Operations
  • Warehousing Problems
  • Implementing the 6S concept
  • Risk Pooling concept
  • Effect of Locations on Inventory level
  • Methods of evaluating facility locations
  • Framework of warehouse layout
  • Prioritizing storage using ABC Classification
  • Storage rules with respect to material flow

Fundamentals of Purchasing Management

  • Overview on Procurement management
  • Types of Auctions
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Supplier Development steps
  • Type 1 Safety Stock calculation
  • The Economic Order Quantity

Fundamentals of Transportation Management

  • Overview on Transportation modes
  • Overview on Incoterms and Logistics Pricing
  • Financial assessment of Payment terms and Shipping terms
  • Effect of product characteristics on transportation cost
  • Many-To-Many Distribution

Contract law

Learning Objectives:

After completion of this course , delegates will be able to :

  • Learn Different concepts and methods involved in supply chain management strategic planning.
  • Participants will know how to plan, manage, negotiate, distribute, and even render customer service.

Who should attend?

  • Supply chain and logistics professionals Directors or senior personnel in warehousing, transport, inventory, materials and purchasing management
  • Executives in logistics information systems, enterprise resource planning, HR management and production logistics
  • Suppliers, exporters, manufacturers, distributors and retailers looking to improve efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Marketing, customer service, operations and manufacturing managers Employees in the logistics sector seeking to gain industry-wide knowledge and advance their careers

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