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MECAT's Supply Chain Management (SCM) course addresses basic concepts and strategies adopted in the field. The primary focus is to develop an outstanding understanding of strategic, tactical and operational issues of supply chain management and grow familiar with the integration of various chain entities, allowing businesses to grow and expand.

Learning Objectives

Trainees will benefit from in-depth understanding and knowledge of Global Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Operations Management. The skillset gained during our training will allow our student to efficiently use the tools and models designed to analyse, plan and optimize core areas of a firm.

Target Audience

The course is designed to fit a wide variety of participants, from the skilled supply chain management experts who need to be updated on the latest trends and technologies currently utilized in the field, to employees involved or engaged in the different facets of SCM. Our training is also designed for non-SCM enthusiasts to participate and learn how they too are part of the company's SCM strategy. 


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MECAT is a pioneering and innovative training academy that is unmatched in its forward-looking and scientific approach to training. We strive to build a creative, successful, well-rounded professional. Active learning constitutes our modus operandi and our methods utilize the latest in the world of educational neuroscience and technology.
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