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Module 1: Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

  •  What is a Supply Chain?
  •  Process View of a Supply Chain
  •  What is Supply Chain Management
  •  Why is SCM Difficult?
  •  Objectives of the SCM
  •  The Importance of Supply Chain Flows

Module 2: Inventory Management

  •  Inventory
  •  Opposing Views of Inventory
  •  Nature of Inventory
  •  Fixed Order Quantity Systems
  •  Determine Order Quantity
  •  Determine Order Point
  •  Fixed Order Period Systems

Module 3: Measuring Supply Chain Performance.

  •  Formulas for Measuring SC Performance
  •  Bullwhip Effect & Hau Lee’s Concepts of SCM
  •  Outsourcing
  •  Competitive & Supply Chain Strategies
  •  Achieving Strategic Fit
  •  Other Issues Affecting Strategic Fit

Module 4: Globalization & Supply Chain Strategies.

  •  Three eras of globalization
  •  Global Markets and Strategy
  •  Global Transportation Options
  •  Strategic Channel Intermediaries
  •  Storage Facilities and Packaging
  •  Changing Political and Legal Environments
  •  Strategies for competing in globalizing markets & in internet era .

Module 5: Technology & Supply Chain Management.

  •  Business Processes & Information Systems
  •  Types of Business Information Systems
  •  Systems That Span the Enterprise
  •  Enterprise Systems
  •  Supply Chain Management Systems
  •  Customer Relationship Management Systems
  •  Knowledge management systems

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