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The demand for personal and team support in the workplace appears to be increasing. Certainly talent management is an issue high on the agendas of organizations and Supervision and mentoring can form a valuable part of a talent management strategy. Also, an increasingly busy working life, partially driven by technology –think of the hundreds of emails you plough through every day – means that people are searching for ways to act more effectively and efficiently.  

Supervision is universally seen as a crucial ingredient for success in a wide range of professional groups from those working in the health care sector to management development. Professional supervisores tend to work in isolation and can easily become very subjective about their work. In the last few years, supervisor supervision has been increasingly called for by user-clients and 'professional' Supervision bodies. However, "supervision" certainly doesn't fit for many experienced people developers looking to develop a Supervision practice or to simply use the Supervision model of change and learning inside an organization. These groups of people developers typically prefer a mentoring model as a means for practice support.

Who Should Attend?:

Any supervisor in the Company who have deficiencies in his supervision skills

Also it's most suited to new supervisors and those with less than three years of supervisory experience or need to increase their supervision effectiveness.

Supervision and Supervision - Course Objectives:

Participants will learn:

  • Be able to demonstrate the significance of supervisory practice in their casework, both as a supervisor and as a recipient of supervision
  • Be provided with opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding, skills and experience in relation to executive and business Supervision competencies
  • Develop an awareness of communication and learning preferences in the context of organisational Supervision
  • Learn how to respond confidently as an effective executive / business supervisor
  • Learn the phases for effectively implementing Supervision and change processes in organisations
  • Reflect on their strengths and needs for continuous development as an executive / business supervisor.
  • Be able to demonstrate an ability to contract for the supervisory relationship
  • Be able to make a case to show the significance of supervision in promoting good practice
  • The ability to compare and contrast two different models of supervision and evaluate the significance of each
  • The ability to identify the key issue in a piece of supervision and minimize any possibility of harm
  • To identify the roles and tasks of supervision and create a document that helps a new supervisee understand what needed from them
  • To understand the significance of different developmental levels within the supervisory process and how that might affect practice
  • To understand the significance of swift action when an ethical dilemma has surfaced
  • The ability to create a safe supervisory environment where ethical principles can be discussed and addressed

Supervision and Supervision - Course Outline:

Supervision and Supervision Overview

  • Supervision Definition
  • Supervision Objectives
  • Supervision Thoughts
  • Brainstorming Group Session
  • Building a Framework for Supervision
  • Recognizing and appreciating a persity of skills and approaches
  • Becoming aware of and managing your state  - mental and emotional
  • Supervision as a way of being
  • Essential executive and business Supervision skills
  • The Transformational Supervision process – integrating Appreciative Inquiry to foster inpidual and organisational development
  • Key elements of a Supervision session
  • Engaging in Supervision supervision
  • Supervision Style questionnaire

Developing as an Executive & Business Supervisor

  • Motivational Theories and It's Impact on Supervision
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Supervisory style and how it influences employee motivation
  • Basic legal framework within which all supervisors operate
  • Behavioral Supervision
  • Solution-focused Supervision
  • Cognitive – behavioural Supervision
  • Transpersonal Supervision
  • Developing  a Strong Empowering Presence
  • Understanding the challenges and possibilities of the executive supervisor
  • Being effective as an executive supervisor
  • The four phases of executive Supervision
  • Making the transition to the role of executive supervisor
  • Supervision Tips
  • Supervision Tips
  • Case Study

Supervision Organizational Change and Performance

  • Models of and approaches to organisational change
  • Key leadership roles for successful change
  • How to inspire team effectiveness
  • Creating and sustaining a Supervision culture
  • Designing, implementing and evaluating in-house Supervision programs
  • Supervision Practice Class Case
  • Assessment Procedures
  • Using behavior-based job descriptions for recruiting, interviewing, and setting expectations
  • Mentoring and Supervision for development
  • Creating and running work teams
  • Basic Tools to Keep Things Running Smoothly
  • Correcting Performance
  • Handling common performance problems Counseling and progressive discipline
  • Performance Reviews
  • What, how, and when to document performance
  • Involving employees in documenting their own performance
  • Goal-setting, development planning, and performance planning
  • Case Study

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