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This workshop will explore the harmful long-term effects of stress on our mental and physical health and provide suggestions for managing our inpidual stresses more effectively. Strategies may include changes in lifestyle, stress management techniques such as relaxation and exercise, and the use of music or humour as coping strategies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize that stress is a positive, unavoidable part ot everybody's life.
  • Identify the symptoms of chronic stress overload.
  • Identify how lifestyle choices can contribute to stress and how we can work toward making different choices.
  • Develop some techniques to help manage stress right now
  • Begin planning long-term protection against the cumulative attects ot stress.

Workshop Outline and Methodology:

Facilitators use a variety ot training methods tor each workshop, including large group discussions, inpidual work and reflection, small group discussions and exercises, case studies and simulations for role play. Videos that are applicable will form a part of some workshops.

Customization will be based on information provided by the human resource department or the inpidual department prior to the workshop. These will be interactive workshops with a 40/60 split between concept/theory and practical application ot skills discussed. Class size should be kept under 20. whenever possible, so each participant will have the opportunity to gain techniques tor the types ot situations they deal with or expect to deal with.

Introduction. Learning Objectives and Agenda: The workshop begins with inpidual introductions and a group exercise to put everybody at ease. This is tollowed by a large group discussion about the ettects ot stress and why we need to give more than lip service to developing strategies tor managing that stress.

How Does Stress Attect Us?: A large group discussion complete with diagrams to illustrate what stress does to our bodies and our minds it it is allowed to go unchecked.

What is Stress About? Inpiduals rate themselves and their stress levels on each ot several types ot charts or scales, with the understanding that there is no reward for proving that you are more stressed out than others. The only reward is getting a handle on the amount of stress we do feel. 

  • Checklist of Stress Symptoms
  • Holmes Rahe Stress Rating
  • Hanson Scale of Stress Resistance
  • The Human Scale
  • Stress Exhaustion Symptoms
  • Burnout Test

Stress and Time: Small group discussion ot the everyday things that stress us out and how to better manage our time to avoid this. 

The Stress Tax: A large group discussion about what stress costs us as an inpidual and what stress costs employers.

Managing Stress: Large group discussion about the three tactors ot stress management: Personality. Nature ot Organization, and Quality ot Support. 

Stress and Gender: Large group discussion of some of the research that has been done about stress, and how age. gender, and attitude, and occupation figure into our reactions to stress. 

Taking Care of Your Body and Mind: Group discussion of the four pillars of stress management: good nutrition, exercise, strong supportive relationships, and relaxation techniques. 

Stress Management Strategies: Discussion ot the three strategies: alter, avoid, and accept. Participants will also complete inpidual charts ot drainers and tillers: things that drain and energize them. 

The "Less Stress" Lessons: Discussion and demonstration ot ways we can relax, including breathing, body scan, and awareness. 

Personal Action Plan: This is a culmination ot the day’s discussions and provides inpiduals with a structured way ot planning to reduce stress in their lives.

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