Cambridge Marketing College Strengthening Your Brand to Build Value Cambridge Marketing College
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This short course will look at:
  • The benefits of building a good brand
  • Developing a framework for brand equity
  • Creating customer-focused, value harnessing symbols and emotions
  • Leveraging your brand to raise perception
  • Creating the hooks for a long-term relationship
We will design a one-day workshop that fits the specific issues that face your organisation, enabling those that attend not just to learn something new but to leave with a clear and simple action plan which can be addressed very quickly.
We can offer this course as in-house for your organisation. Updated on 19 October, 2017

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About Cambridge Marketing College

Cambridge Marketing  College Europe's leading provider of professional marketing qualifications and courses, skills and development. Founded in 1991, our mission is to enhance the careers of marketers and the quality of marketing for their companies. CMC is an Accredited Study Center from Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

Egypt Office is managing in-house and cooperate  programs in Middle East, we have successful corporate trainings in different sectors such as; Telecom, Pharmaceutical and FMCG. We provide professional experienced instructors from Egypt and UK.

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