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Program Overview
This course focuses on determining the financial strength, assessing potential for bankruptcy, financial trend and variance analysis with guidelines for interpreting the results of an analysis.
This course offers participants intensive hands on financial statement, financial modeling and simulation exercises. Participants will learn how to evaluate financial statements in predicting future financial condition, how to construct and use corporate financial models in valuing firms, how to use time series analysis in developing assumptions for investment decision making.

Benefits & Added Value
By attending this program participants will:
  • Recognize the importance of Financial Statements Analysis
  • Understand the types and fundamentals of Financial Statement Analysis
  • Effectively use Financial Statement Models for Valuation
  • Apply different models of Financial Statements
  • Overcome the limitations of the Financial Analysis ratio
Program Content
  • The Function and the Use of Financial Reporting
  1. Financial Statements
  2. Auditor Report
  3. Board of directors' Report
  4. Supplementary information
  • How to read Financial Statements
  1. Results of Operations
  2. Financial Position
  3. Cash Flow Performance
  4. Changes in Equities
  • Financial Analysis
  1. The Importance & Use
  2. Types of Financial Analysis
  3. Models of Financial Ratios Analysis
  4. Limitation on the use of Financial Ratios Analysis
  • Case Study & Applications
  1. Case Study
  2. Applications
Updated on 22 January, 2018

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