Course Ojectives 

Stores and Warehouse Organisation: 

Design and layout of the stores 

  •  Modes of storage 
  •  Stock rotation 
  •  Materials and materials handling 
  •  Stores and warehouse technology 
  •  Bar coding in the stores.

Stock Records and Cycle Counting: 

The requirment for accuracy - stock management, planning, financial control and legal

  •  Tolerances in measurement 
  •  The system documenation and system transactions 
  •  Cycle counting and PI 
  •  ABC (Pareto) analysis 
  •  Choosing the cycles 
  •  Choosing items to count. 

Stores and Warehouse Operation: 

Responsibility for incoming goods

  •  Issue and despatch procedures 
  •  Order picking (one-step) 
  •  Order picking (two-step)
  •  Random v. fixed locations
  •  Bar coding in the stores 
  •  Transaction trails 
  •  Reconciling a stock count and a record. 

Duties and Responsibilities: 

Management and staff responsibilities

  •  Recruitment and personnel 
  •  FIRE!
  •  Security 
  •  Health and safety
  •  Training and the cause of error 
  •  The stores manual 
  •  Measures of performance and benchmarking. 

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