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This seminar teaches participants about SPC implementation in the health care setting. Participants learn about basic SPC concepts, tools and techniques. They also learn how to apply these techniques, interpret results and how to utilize emerging data towards the further improvement of operations.

Course Outlines:


  • Managing variation
  • Dr. Deming
  • Selecting the right chart
  • Data collection
  • Benefits of SPC


  • From data to histograms
  • Comparing to specifications
  • Patterns of variation
  • Improvement example

Normal Distributionng:

  • Bell shaped pattern
  • Making predictions
  • The normal distribution table
  • Mean and standard deviation
  • Cp and Cpk index

Control Charts-Variables:

  • Uses of control charts
  • Common cause and special cause variation
  • Selection of appropriate chart
  • X bar R charts
  • Tampering-over control
  • Test for out of control condit
  • X MR chart

Control Charts-Attribute:

  • Purpose of charts
  • Selecting the appropriate chart
  • Step by step charting
  • NP chart
  • P chart
  • U chart

Measurement System Analysis:

  • Sources of measurement errors
  • Accuracy
  • Stability
  • Repeatability/Reproducibility
  • GRR short method
  • GRR long method

Advanced Statistical Methods

  • Scatter diagram
  • Linear regression
  • Adequacy of the predictions
  • DOE-one factor
  • DOE-two factor
  • Analysis of variane (ANOVA)

Who should attend:

  • Health Care Personnel including directors, managers and the staff responsible for improvement operations.

About American Supplier Institute

ASI-Egypt is an affiliate of the We_They International and is working as a consultant& training institution in the fields:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Management
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Engineering
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Production Planning

Our goal is to improve the competitive position of our customers by building up the internal competence; in this regard we offer comprehensive range of techniques, which will provide our customer organization with the means to achieve this competitive advantage. 

Our workshops have a strong practical emphasis in order to provide the best possible chance of successful application, and our seminars material is applications oriented rather than theoretical in nature and does not require mathematical skills beyond algebra and elementary statistical methods. 

We work as strategic partner to help clients identify and solve problems so that they experience an increase in high quality, productivity and profitability. 

We use best practice tools and methods and our network holds world-class experts in all relevant fields. Our staff is highly qualified and trained and our audit team is prepared and knowledgeable and our consulting process is structured to assure client success and continuing process improvement. 

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