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The training centers continuously evaluates training courses that are holding them according to particular models, and mostly are informed quickly see the results of these models without analyzed scientifically useful, and is the SPSS statistical program of statistical programs more commonly used by researchers in various fields (education, social, engineering, agricultural ...... etc). Where an essential tool has become indispensable to analyze different types of data, no matter how its size while ensuring accuracy and speed in Althalil.onzera of the importance of this program had to be utilized in the evaluation of training courses that are held according to scientific bases incorrect.


  • Statistics and its applications
  • Find statistical methods and steps
  • Variables, types and characteristics
  • Samples:
  • Sampling methods and characteristics
  • Pull random samples through spss program
  • Field of study:
  • Stages
  • Data collection
  • Resolution, types and mechanism design
  • Presentation of statistical data:
  • Tabular (types of tables and the mechanism of coordination (
  • Graphically (graphs and coordination mechanism (
  • Identify the statistical system environment spss
  • Spss screens
  • Spss system files
  • Home listings in spss and toolbar and shortcuts
  • Coding
  • Dealing with files and data entry through lists:
  • File
  • Edit
  • View
  • Dealing with the data through a list of all the data elements
  • Study List of transfers transformation in all its elements
  • Descriptive statistics:
  • Description qualitative data through:
  • Use the procedure frequencies
  • Represent the results graphically
  • Use the procedure crosstabs and Chi-square
  • Description quantitative variables through:
  • The use of descriptive statistics procedure
  • Explore the use of the procedure
  • Graphically represent the results through the use of:
  • Histogram
  • Stem & leave
  • Boxplot
  • Analytical statistics:
  • Test t-test and verification of the conditions and that:
  • Per sample
  • Independent samples
  • Samples approved
  • Variance analysis and verification of conditions:
  • Mono
  • Duo
  • Covariance
  • Correlation analysis
  • Regression analysis and verification of conditions:
  • Simple linear regression
  • Multiple linear regression
  • Analysis of validity and reliability (Cronbach's alpha (
  • Factor analysis
  • Nonparametric tests
  • Comment on Results
  • Coordination Results
  • Writing reports
  • In the process of studying the economic and table sales and marketing applications

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