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    Module (01) Background to SCADA
    1.1     Introduction and brief history of SCADA
    1.2     Fundamental principles of the SCADA systems
    1.3    Real-Time Monitoring and Control Principals
    1.4     Overview of Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
    1.5     Introduction to SCADA Engineering
    1.6     SCADA Basic Functions
    Module (02) Comparison of the terms SCADA, DCS, PLC
    and Smart Instrument
    2.1     SCADA system
    2.2     Distributed control system (DCS)
    2.3     Programmable logic controller (PLC)
    2.4     Smart instrument (SI)
    2.5     Considerations and benefits of SCADA system
    Module (03) Engineering hardware and firmware
    3.1     Remote terminal units
    3.2     PLCs used as RTUs
    3.3     The master station
    3.4     System reliability and availability
    3.5     Communication architectures and philosophies
    3.6     Typical considerations in configuration of master station
    Module (04) Engineering Software & Protocols
    4.1     The components of a SCADA system
    4.2     The SCADA software package
    4.3     Specialized SCADA protocols
    4.4     Distributed network protocol
    4.5     SCADA Security
    4.6     New technologies in SCADA systems
    Module (05) Maintenance and Troubleshooting
    5.1     Troubleshooting the telemetry system
    5.2     Maintenance tasks
    5.3     The maintenance unit system

    Module (06) SCADA Standards and Specification
    6.1     Common Pitfalls
    6.2     SCADA Standards
    6.3     Performance Criteria
    6.4     SCADA Testing
    6.5     SCADA Documentation
    6.5     SCADA Future
    Module (07) SCADA Systems Evaluation
    7.1     Evaluate SCADA Systems and Hardware
    7.2     Important Components of the SCADA System
    7.3     Communications Media and Signals
    7.4     Access Control
    7.5     Alarm Handling
    7.6     Logging/Archiving
    7.7     SCADA Reliability, Redundancy and Safety Issues
    7.8     SCADA Failure Modes
    7.9     Security levels applied to SCADA
    Module (08) SCADA Practical Session
    8.1     Design and development of the New SCADA application
    8.2     Hardware/Software Requirements
    8.3     PC/Workstation Configuration
    8.4     SCADA Software Package Installation
    8.5     System Configurations Single/Multi User Network
    8.6     Create a SCADA Project
    8.7     Configuration of Communication Drivers
    8.8     Real Time Database Configurations
    8.9     Graphic Design Editor/ Mimic display
    8.10   Alarm Massage Configuration
    8.11   Reporting Design Configuration Editor
    8.12   Archiving Massage Configurations
    8.13   Security Access Control Configurations
    8.14   Test and Commissioning
    8.15   Project Documentations
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