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    Spanish is a world language. One of the most widely spoken languages around the world. People often ask us why they should learn Spanish. This is our response to the reasons people learn Spanish:

    a. Learn Spanish to communicate with 350 million Spanish speakers worldwide 
    b. Learn Spanish to improve your travel experience to Spain, the USA, Venezuela, Peru, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile and Mexico among other world countries.
    c. Learn Spanish to improve your employment potential
    d. Learn Spanish to improve their own knowledge of Spanish
    e. Learn Spanish to make friends worldwide
    f. Learn Spanish to appreciate Spanish Art, Culture and Film

    Students should be able to:
    -Use different ways of greeting and saying goodbye
    -Ask and answer someone's name
    -Ask the meaning of unknown words 
    -Introduce oneself and respond to people introducing themselves 
    -Talk about nationalities
    -Ask and answer about personal information
    -Spell words
    -Give and ask for telephone numbers and email addresses
    -Ask and answer about jobs and professions
    -Use the affirmative, negative and interrogative forms of the verbs
    -Talk about the family
    -Describe personal appearances and personality
    -Talk about dates (day,month and year)
    -Talk about age and birthdays 
    -Express likes and dislikes

    -Definite article
    -Gender of nouns
    -Singular and plural 
    -Personal pronouns
    -Regular verbs (present tense and infinitives) ending in -ar, -er, -ir
    -Numbers from 0 to 100
    -The present of verb to be (ser)
    -The present of verb to be (estar)
    -The present of to have (tener)
    -The alphabet 
    -Interrogative forms (what?, when?, who?, where?, why?, how?, etc.)
    -Names of jobs/professions in masculine and feminine
    -The possessive articles 
    -How much/many
    -I like, I don't like and do you like?

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    About Capital Education Dubai Campus

    The Capital Education Dubai Campus with its 20 years of experience and high quality management focuses on being the household name in Dubai when it comes to providing quality and innovative training in Management and Design.

    Capital students have won over 23 National Design awards in Fashion since 1998 across all competitions inclusive of Dubai International Fashion Week (DIFW), Bride Show, Bur Juman Show, Hotel Shows and Abu Dhabi Arabic Fashion Awards.

    We are approved by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority and offer professional programs to students of over 35 nationalities. We are also approved by Pearson / BTEC / Edexcel UK – UK’s largest awarding body. 

    In order to serve the students better, we have recently launched our new campus in Dubai in Oud Metha very close to Lamcy Plaza. We host a large wifi campus, with several classrooms and breakout rooms, student common room and offices. Its a brilliant location and opportunity for students to enjoy quality learning. See all Capital Education Dubai Campus courses

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