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Course Overview:

  • The first and only center specialized in Spanish language.
  • UCAM University is pre-approved & screened academic body.
  • Spanish University - approved diplomas.
  • All the teachers are native.
  • Cultural exchange and events.

Who is this course for?
Different groups according with the student's level: A/beginners and B/ Intermediate.

What will I learn ?
Our lessons cover the four main four skills of the language: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Because it is so important to boost your speaking capabilities, 50% of the time will be spent in communication.
We employ Spanish textbooks specialized for foreign students. And, in order for you to have fun, the weekly themes of our class with be represented in music, theatre, movies and much more.

How will I benefit from taking this course ?
Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language in the world, the 2nd one for international communication. Spanish is a doorway to opportunities in Spain and Latin America countries with more than 500MLN people.

How will I be assessed?
At the end of each course you will be tested to prove all the abilities learned. Upon successful completion you will earn a Language Certificate issued by the University of Murcia in Spain (UCAM).

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About UCAM Español Institute

UCAM Español Institute is the first institution in Dubai that provides its students with UCAM University-Certified Spanish programs under the endorsement of the University of Murcia, Spain. UCAM Español Institute objective is two-fold: to teach Spanish with the highest standards, and to share the Hispanic culture. 

Based on UCAM University's philosophy, they provide a personalized service to ensure that we address the needs of our students by developing a tailor-made language solution. The courses, ranging from basic to advanced and business levels, are developed and conducted by UCAM's pre-screened academic body. They are taught using a fun yet professional methodology. On the cultural side, UCAM Español Institute is a center for exchange where students and community will learn about tourism, trade, commerce and general cultural aspects of Hispanic countries through its periodical events.

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