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Updated on 08 November, 2015

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Spanish in record numbers. Spanish, too, is becoming of greater importance in Europe, where it often is the foreign language of choice after English. And it's no wonder that Spanish is a popular second or third language: with some 400 million speakers, it's the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world (after English, Chinese and Hindustani), and according to some counts it has more native speakers than English does. It is an official language on four continents and is of historical importance elsewhere.

Learning Spanish will make traveling to any of the 21 countries where Spanishis an official language easier, not to mention the many countries whereSpanish is widely spoken. Learn some Spanish; the knowledge will surely go a long way!

At Reach Out Academy,General Spanish is offered in 12 levels and Conversational Spanish is offered in 10 levels. Each level is 3 weeks, 3 times per week, 2 hours per class.

About Reach Out Academy

Reach Out Academy is a non-profit regional training and human resource development institute that, the leading institutions in the region in training and professional development. 
Its mandate is the design and delivery of academic and training development programs to help leverage skills and knowledge in various management, business, and technical fields. 
Recognized as a center of excellence for cultural language exchange programs, steadily offers internships to native speakers of foreign languages, 
while continuously evolving in to a regional learning hub that has been helping its students become language proficient world class managers and business professionals. 
Reach out has trained over professionals and has no less than seven thousand student enrollments per annum.
Reach Out Academy is an affiliate of DESA - the United Nations Department of Economic Social Affairs & is currently in the process of becoming formally recognized by UNESCO.

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