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Introduction to CAD, CAE Features of solidworks, Concepts:-Modeling ,Parametric , Associative , Feature based solidworks Graphical User Interface - Feature manager design tree, , Handles, mouse buttons, keyboard shortcuts, Understanding the Windows Menu Hardware and Software requirements,

Session 2 Sketch Entities - Inference line, Centerline line, Line, Circle, Arc, Ellipse, Rectangle, Slots, Polygon, Parabola, Ellipse, Partial Ellipse, Spline, Spline tools, Spline on surface, Equation driven curve, Points, Text, Construction geometry, Snap, grid,

Session 3 Sketch Tools - Fillet, Chamfer, Offset, Convert entities, Trim, Extend, Split, Jog, Mirror, Dynamic Mirror, Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Stretch, Sketch pattern Relations - Adding Sketch Relation, Automatic relations, Dimensioning - Smart, Horizontal, Vertical, Ordinate, Horizontal ordinate, Vertical ordinate, Align ordinate, Fully define sketch. Sketch Diagnosis, SketchXpert, 3D Sketching, Rapid Sketch

Session 4 Part Modeling Tools Creating reference planes Creating Pad features - Direction1, Direction2, From option, Thin feature, Applying draft, Selecting contours Creating shaft  features - Selecting Axis, Thin features, Selecting contours Creating rib  features-Selecting, Profile and Path, Orientation/twist type, Path Alignment, Guide Curves, Start/End tangency, Thin feature

Session 5 Creating Loft features - Selecting Profiles, Guide curves, Start/End Constraints, Centerline parameters, Sketch tools, Close loft. Selecting geometries - Selection Manager, Multiple Body concepts Creating Reference - points, axis, coordinates

Session 6 Creating curves - Split curve, Project curve, Composite curve, Curve through points, Helix andCreating Fillet features Inserting Hole types

Session 7 Creating Chamfer Creating Shell Creating stiffner Creating Pattern -

Session 8 Environment & Utilities - Working with views and manipulating views, Trouble shooting Inserting Library feature, Adding Configuration, Inserting Design table, System options, Measuring Geometries, Calculating Mass Properties,

Session 9 Assembly Modeling Tools Introduction to Assembly Modeling & Approaches - Top down and Bottom up approach Applying Standard Mates- Coincident, Parallel, Perpendicular, Tangent, Concentric, Lock, Distance, Angle.

Session 10 Applying Advanced Mates - Symmetric, Width, Path Mate, Linear/Linear Coupler, Limit Mate.

Session 11 Manipulating Components - Replacing Components, Rotating Components, Move Components, Collision Detection, Physical Dynamics, Dynamic Clearance, Detecting Interference Creating Pattern - Assembly Pattern, Mirror Creating Explode Views Top Down Design - Layout Sketch, Work Part In the Context of an assembly. Smart Components, Smart Fasteners, Physical Simulation

Session 12 Surface Modeling tools Creating Extrude, Revolve, Swept, loft, Boundary surface. Replace Face, Delete face, Untrim surface, Thickening a Surface, Move Face Session Generating Drawing Views 13 Introduction To Angle Of Projection Generating Views - Generating Model View,Projected Views, Inserting Standard 3 View View creation relative to model, Inserting predefined views, empty views, Auxiliary Views, Detailed Views, Crop view, Broken -Out Section, Broken Views, Section View, Aligned Section View, Alternate Position View, Working assembly specific view, Drawing properties, Manipulating views

Session 14 Creating Dimensions - Smart, Horizontal, Vertical, Baseline, Ordinate, Horizontal Ordinate, Vertical Ordinate, Chamfer, Attach Dimensions, Align Collinear/Radial, Align Parallel/Concentric, Model Dimensions, Auto dimension, DimXpert, Annotations, Spell check

Session 15 Inserting Annotations - Datum Features, Geometric Tolerance, Surface Finish, Jog Leaders, Hole Callout, Datum Target, Dowel Pins, Area Hatch, Cosmetic Thread, Balloon, Centre Mark, Centre Lines, Layers, Working With Tables, Bill Of Materials, Hole Table, Sheets And Templates, Sheet Format. Sheet Metal Design Concepts in Sheet metal design bend allowance bend deduction, K-factor

Session 16 Inserting Base Flange, Sheet Metal Tab, Edge Flange, Miter Flange, Hem, Jog. Creating Break Corner/Corner Trim, Closed Corners, Rip. Inserting Sketched Bend, Fold/Unfold, Forming Tools. Inserting Cross Break, Welded Corner. Adding Corner Trim, Lofted Trim Conversion Of Solid Body To Sheet Metal.

Session 17 Working with import /Export data - Importing In solidworks, Editing Imported Features, Feature Recognition, 2d To 3d Conversion Work with Different File Format, File Conversions Photo Realistic Rendering GD& T-  Updated on 09 October, 2017

Eligibility / Requirements

- No prior experience required to take this course
- Candidate should be from civil engineering background,
- Diploma/Degree/BTech/Mtech Cand do this course

Job roles this course is suitable for:

cad engineer , design engineer , product designer

About CADD Mastre Training Services

CADD MASTRE is a Central India's leading CAD/CAM/CAE/CFD/PPM Training Company, committed to building a skilled manpower pool for Regional & global industry requirements. The company which was set up in 2007, to help the Manufacturing & Construction industry overcome its human resource challenges, offering learning solutions to Individuals, Enterprises and Engineering and Polytechnic Institutions in India.
CADD MASTRE Offering services for Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Architecture and Interior Streams for Training, Projects & Placements, CADD MASTRE's expertise in learning, content development, training delivery and education process management make it the most preferred training partner,
CADD Mastre Join Hands With World Leader in CAD, CAE & PPM for Training and Software Sales, Our Franchise Module Also helps the Individuals to become a Part of promising CAD/CAM/CAE/CFD/PPM education in India and oversees Today, more and more students are opting to upgrade their skills and CADD MASTRE has emerged as their preferred destination for quality education.

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