In cooperation with Michigan Learning Solutions – MLS, USA, Native Egyptians – NES presents “Soft Skills Certified Diploma”.

Participant profile:

  1. Fresh graduates.
  2. Undergraduates.
  3. Anyone with ambition for development.
  4. All team leaders and entrepreneurs.


Hard skills will get you an interview but you need soft skills to get the job and move your career forward.


  1. Self Presentation skills.
  2. Vocal and Verbal communication skills.
  3. Body Language.
  4. General and business etiquette.
  5. Leadership Skills.
  6. Effective team management and motivation skills.
  7. Emotional intelligence and empathy.
  8. Stress Management
  9. Time Management.
  10. Interview preparation.
  11. Anger Management.
  12. Assertiveness & Self-confidence.
  13. Creative Problem Solving.
  14. Job Search Skills.

Native Egyptians – NES is planning to be recognized as one of the premier training and counseling solutions providers within, by offering extensive and unique business training & solutions.

As Theyll to be the leading company in the Middle East in building successful leaders throughout Native Egyptians – NES Leadership Camps. Native Egyptians – NES Training and Counseling Solutions “Beyond Your Limits”.

In addition, to be the exclusive provider of the most poTheyrful management development programs in the Middle East.

Finally, to be the 1st company providing entrepreneurs with the business driving ingredients in a practical and effective way with an international accreditation.

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