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Basic Introduction & Usage of Tools

  • Basic smartphone communication
  • Assembling & Disassembling
  • Usage of Multimeter
  • Basic Introduction of Circuit Board
  • Function of Different ICs.
  • Identification of ICs.
  • Troubleshooting through schematic diagram
  • Repairing & servicing different sections
  • Jumpering
  • Replacing different components

Fault Diagnostics & Repairing

  • Earpiece fault
  • Mouthpiece fault
  • Ringer Fault
  • Charging Fault
  • SIM fault
  • Signal fault
  • Hanging & Restarting Fault
  • Display Fault
  • LCD Light fault
  • Keypad Fault
  • Camera Fault
  • Handsfree Fault
  • Memory fault (Internal & External)
  • Data Cable fault
  • Dead Fault
  • Water Damage Fault
  • Touchpad & Sensor fault
  • Wi-Fi Fault
  • Bluetooth fault
  • GPS fault



  • Nokia (Cyclone Box Updated & ATF)
  • Sony Ericsson (SE Tools Box)
  • Samsung (Z3x Box)
  • Blackberry (Purchasable Softwares, USB Interface)
  • iPhone (iTunes, iFunBox, Tiny Umbrella)
  • HTC ( Online )
  • China Mobiles ( Volcano Box)

Usage of Devices

  • Flashing
  • Firmware Updates
  • Security Code Unlocking
  • Loading Factory Defaults
  • Country Code
  • Resetting with Codes (short keys)
  • Complete Formatting
  • Downloading applications
  • Android OS
  • Android Phones Flashing
  • iPhone Jailbreaking
  • Windows phone Flashing
  • Recovery Mode
  • DFU Mode
  • Unlock with Wi-Fi
  • Unlock without Wi-Fi



INFRA PROFESSIONAL TRAINING CENTRE is one of the leading Training institutes in Pakistan commanding the Computer Educational Circles, INFRA has a total commitment to provide the best education with the help of latest equipments and techniques in this fast and dynamic Era of Computer Technology.

Infra Professional Training Centre develops and prepares the students in line with the needs of quality education in a highly advanced environment, as a result, our students are fully competent, confident and charged to meet the challenges of the industry and carve their own career paths in the extremely competitive market of today.


INFRA Professional Training Center bears the slogan "INFRA Ka khwab Hunarmand Pakistan", which is our motto.


INFRA PROFESSIONAL TRAINING CENTRE. The leading professional institute in field of Computer and Mobile Phone. We have the honour of introducing Mobile Phone Repairing Course first time in Pakistan.

Due to our 100% Practical Professional Education, thousands of our students have started their professional jobs in various areas of city and all over Pakistan also Overseas and neighbour countries of Pakistan like Iran, Afghanistan & Middle East.

You can refer to newspapers for details about our New Certificate holder Professionals who have started their professional life.


Classrooms at INFRA are designed according to the modern classroom environment. Our classrooms are well furnished according to the needs of students providing them a pleasant and conducive environment for Practical learning

We have established computer labs which have modern computers and other multimedia. We realise the need of Audio Visual aids and have arranged these to facilitate the students and the teachers. Audio Visual Aids make teaching learning situation more convenient, easy and transparent. The labs are provided with internet facility with intense precautions.


The library is equipped with the latest audio and visual equipments. Specially designed & well equipped with Course materials, Textbooks, References, Manuals and Various magazines.


Our Mobile Software library is fully equipped with the related Software material and we have a large collection of Mobile Phone Flashing and Downloading Software of almost all Mobile Phones like iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia , Samsung , Sony Ericsson , Motorola , LG , Siemens etc.


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