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Short Story Writing

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Updated on 08 November, 2015
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Center will display the texts proposed to the Commission that specializes in the field of fiction and poetry, which will have a final opinion on the validity of all the text for publication.

  • The Centre will cooperate with the texts chosen and any amendments proposed by the Committee so as to give them sufficient time to work on these amendments owners
  • The Center will provide editors who will revise and directed stories in its final form *
  • Center will inform owners of texts, both those who were selected texts for publication or not, within one month from the end of the delivery date *
  • The center will be after the completion of the texts chosen by the committee signed a contract with the owners of the stories chosen include *
  • Publishing and marketing rights is the right man for the Center for Studies and Consultations and training may not be the story of the author or any other party published or marketed
  • Starter story name is right for him / her and writes on the issue -
  • Through Mrkzansan story chosen grant 90% of the publication of his book - Starter grant
  • Story writer awarded 5 free copies of the first issue in addition to the 5 copies of each new edition

About Insan Center

Enterprise specializing in "studies - consulting - training" serves to Egypt and abroad and interested in providing support to all sectors of society, whether governmental or non-governmental, and for all the citizens of the spectra and different groups of society, and provides all services to "institutions of the state - for inpiduals - for a strong political - organizations civil society, both trade unions and civil society organizations”


  1. where They research studies in the humanities "political - social - economic - legal - legal - historical - cultural"
  2. in the field of training and human resources development.
  3. Consulting "family, psychological and social as Theyll as marketing and management consulting in addition to consulting for the elections and political campaigning and partisan"
  4. Publishing, printing and distribution
  5. Training and employment at home and abroad.

The center linkage and integration betTheyen these areas and disciplines so that an effective integrated system of each benefit from the participation of or deal with it.

The company is also in their work relies on qualified specialists in all of these areas so as to reach the community at the highest level of efficiency and excellence.

The center's work is based on non-traditional craftsmanship and performance and provides services to their clients until they reach their real interest and tangible result.

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