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Modern supply chain Management is about much more than operations and logistics. It is about developing, supply chain Diploma managing and leading vital systems and processes that are at the very heart of business profitability and growth from obtaining the raw materials to designing and delivering the final product.
supply chain Diploma is designed to equip you with knowledge and practical skills to succeed as a strategic supply chain Professional in today's sophisticated global economy through identifying, creating and managing opportunities for reducing costs, driving growth and building sustainable competitive advantage.

Supply Chain Diploma Content

- Supply Chain Management Introduction
- Forecasting and Demand Planning
- Procurement & Supply Management
- Production Management as part of the supply chain
- Inventory Management and Control
- Warehousing Management and Materials Handling
- Strategic Logistics and Order Fulfillment

- Final Project

At Supply Chain Diploma Completion; Participants will be able to:
  1. Apply strategies for establishing efficient and effective demand planning and demand forecasting
  2. Assess the performance demand planning and forecasting processes using standard metrics and frameworks for a better accurate results
  3. Explore potential suppliers and develop relationships to get the best offers
  4. Evaluate the selection of suppliers and better negotiate the contract.
  5. Enhance professional portfolio of technical skills by mastering the major concepts, terms, definitions, tools and techniques of production planning
  6. Describe concepts of production and service operations and its essential role in meeting customer expectations
  7. Identify strategies for establishing efficient, effective, and sustainable production planning and inventory management to reduce time and cost.
  8. Describe the basic concepts of warehousing management and its essential role in demand fulfillment
  9. Identify the key elements and processes in managing warehousing operations and how they interact
  10. Identify strategies for designing materials handling operations within a warehousing facility to reduce wastes
  11. Assess the performance of warehousing operations using standard metrics and frameworks
  12. Understand the concept of integrated logistics to better flow goods, services and information
  13. Focus on strategies and decisions required for effective flow of goods between sellers and buyers.
  14. valuate the logistics operations.
  15. Fulfill of customer demand through the ultimate success of the logistic process
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