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Updated on 08 November, 2015
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Customers have more choice than ever before regardless of the industry, product or service. And they rate their service experience on a situational basis. Providing exceptional customer service is no accident; it is a combination of focus, process and people skills. Unfortunately, many of our internal and external customer-service experiences still prove that the service gap is wide, and service is far from exceptional. The challenge is finding ways of delivering unforgettable customer service, consistently and continually.

The Service E.D.G.E. program equips customer service professionals with models, concepts, tools and skills to enhance the success of internal and external customer interactions to achieve higher levels of customer service, satisfaction and loyalty.


  • After the Workshop, You Will Be Able To:
  • Assess your own strengths and development needs regarding your service delivery
  • Understand your internal customer-service chain and the interdependency of the entire organization in service delivery
  • Identify key competitors and why improving the level of service is important for business strategy and success
  • Use the Service Impact Model to understand how varying service levels impact customer behaviour based on their service experience and memories
  • Identify the emotional impact of service and how it affects customers
  • Identify five major customer motivators and their impact in service delivery
  • Establish your organization’s ‘gold standard’ for service delivery against each of the major customer motivators
  • Review the Service E.D.G.E. model and the four phases of customer interaction
  • Complete customer profiles to assess customer needs, prime motivators and current product knowledge
  • Establish rapport, identify customer requirements and the most appropriate style for engaging the customer
  • Guide customer knowledge, handle customer questions and objections, and endorse agreements or decisions
  • Improve telephone skills using ten proven tips and a strategic questioning process
  • Solve problems by getting to the root cause of the customer issue
  • Recognize the symptoms of stress and reduce the levels of stress in the customer-service role


  • Benefits for the individual
  • Benefits for the organization

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