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Updated on 08 November, 2015
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It is the main dream of every website owner to get thousands of visitors to his website. This dream becomes more beautiful when he gets this traffic for FREE. But he got the full success when these visitors are TARGETED.

SEO Specialist Course it is the method that helps you to optimize your site for search engines especially Google to gain thousands of daily visitors without paying a dime.

Some might think that it is limited to only choose some of keywords and build backlinks, but it is more complicated.

You have to know well what are the factors that affect Google indexing, the continuously development and updates.

Updates mean new approaches to deal with. You have to get the full control of certain keywords and terms in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Also, you have to make the actions that keep visitor for longer time in your site. This reduces Bounce Rate. It is important to check the look of your site in SERP if your business is local business, too. And much more…..

The Goals of SEO Specialist Course

At the end of the course, each trainee should be:

  • Able to analyze any website and knowing its weak and strong points.
  • Able to make Keyword Research and providing recommendations.
  • Able to target suitable keywords to show website in SERP as soon as possible.
  • Able to make On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.
  • Able to know the accurate methods to build backlinks.
  • Able to know each development for the website in each phase.

Targeted Trainees

  • Who has a website and wants to be visible for Search Engines especially Google.
  • Who wants to bring targeted visitors for his business.
  • Small projects owners who has tight budget.
  • Who wants to change his career.

Course Content

  • What is the search engine equation and how to apply it.
  • On-Page SEO.
  • Off-Page SEO.
  • The equation of choosing keywords for each page of the website.
  • Website analysis and how to check them to be SEO based.
  • Competitors analyzing with knowing their strategies.
  • Google Analytics and how to use it for developing of E-Marketing Plans.
  • The best use of Google Webmaster Tools.
  • The types of backlinks and how to get strong backlinks.
  • How to write professional articles that meet search engine requirements, and how to target your keyword to see your site in the first page of Google.
  • The Page Rank and how to reach high Page Rank in short time.
  • How to get strong and effective text links.
  • Dmoz and how to deal with.
  • E-Marketing and SEO…. The strong relationship.
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes of websites.
  • SEO Strategies.
  • SEO Plans.

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Being now peruse this page, it means that you are interested in electronic marketing. Whether you've written the term "e-marketing" in the Google search engine, or come across a friendly links, or sponsored links, Fbugodk here now - in e-marketing Academy - I can assure you that you have stepped first step in this promising They are here at the Academy of e-marketing are keen to grow yTheir business on the Theyb, and increase yTheir experience, in all aspects. Whether you are a company or individual can do a lot in terms of yTheir business on the Internet file.

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