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Updated on 08 November, 2015

Course details

  • To be a top class sales person in today's modern business environment, in addition to applying the very latest and most effective sales techniques, your sales people will also need to learn how to manage confidence levels, increase self-motivation, develop communication skills and improve  knowledge about your products, services, the industry, your competitors and your customers.

Program Objectives

  • Becoming a masterful sales person and generating more sales and moving more quickly towards the sales results you want, by learning how to see beyond the sale itself, into the deeper understanding of why customers make the decision to buy from you. Discover how to make your customers feel good when you’re selling to them.  Allow them to steerthe sale in the right direction for you.

 Learn How To

     At this program's conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Build relationships with customers, demonstrate the customer’s need, and satisfy the customer’s need.
  • Develop sales strategies, analyze markets and competitors, and research clients.
  • Consult with clients and develop solutions.
  • Demonstrate benefits, confirm commitment, and close sales.
  • Identify a prospect’s preferred learning style and use specific sales techniques to communicate more effectively with them.
  • Become a better listener and use non-verbal communication techniques to speed up the rapport building process
  • Demonstrate value to a prospect and obtain commitment to advance the sale.
  • Use advanced negotiation principles & tactics to achieve set goals.
  • Limit objections from arising and defend any that do with confidence.
  • Program outlines
  • First Track
  • Definition Selling
  • The Definition of a Seller
  • The Definition of a Buyer
  • Sales Requirements
  • Attitude
  • Sales Strategies and Tactics
  • Characteristics and behaviours of an unsuccessful sales person
  • Characteristics and behaviours of a successful sales person
  • Managing your attitude

  Second Track

  • Effective communication for face to face and telephone sales
  • Positive and negative language
  • Before the sales meeting/call
  • Recognizing a sales process
  • Developing a powerful introduction
  • Managing customer responses
  • Fact - finding.
  • Wants Vs Needs
  • Effective questioning techniques to gain information and control the call
  • Developing our listening skills
  • The buying journey
  • Creating the desire
  • Presenting the price
  • How to gain commitment to the sale
  • Identifying smokescreen and real objections

Admission requirements

  • Filling in the registration form, in details, and answering all the questions at the back of the registration comprehensively.
  •  Making a pre course interview with the head section.

About Hi Q Academy

In 2001 Hi-Q Academy started with one computer branch at 8th Moheb Street, Tanta, Gharbia governorate, Egypt with 2 computer labs and staff consisted of five administrators and three instructors. HI-Q started with great partner like Microsoft gold partner and focusing on offering computer ctheirses for adults who seek job opportunities.  Hi-Q was the first training center in Tanta that offer computer ctheirses with new, different and modern style that attract big numbers of people and achieved, for their clients, trust in a place that could be a good substitute for them instead of traveling to Cairo to get what they need. HI-Q Academy offered all Microsoft and Cisco ctheirses with theyll experienced instructors from inside and outside Tanta, they also started offer computer ctheirses for kids that helped so much in raising people awareness with the important of learning computer from young ages. Hi-Q Academy marketing plan along with innovate ideas in advertising gave it a great push forward in having good marketing share.

In 2004 their second Languages and soft skills was opened at 16th Botros Street, Tanta, Gharbia governorate, Egypt with five labs and at this moment their staff reached ttheynty administrators and over than fifty instructors.

In 2005 their main branch has expanded with another three computer labs with one lab for their international exams, VUE/PROMETRIC.

In 2008 Zagazek Branch was opened with a franchise protocol.

In 2009 Mahlla Branch was opened with a franchise protocol.

In 2009 Qatar branch was opened.

In 2012 they are expected to move to their new branch in Down Town in Tanta, Gharbia governorate, Egypt in one big place for their company.  

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