Course Overview

  • Recognize the characteristics of self managed and matrix teams and work groups.
  • Explain the need for team based organizations outlining the role of a self managed and matrix team leader.
  • Describe the actions and behaviors of a self managed and matrix team leader recognizing the differences with that of a traditional team leader.
  • Use a combination of practical approaches, tools and techniques to engage, motivate and inspire a self-managed team driving from within forward to success.

Main Topics

The Characteristics of Self Managed and Matrix Teams:

  • What are self managed and matrix teams and why is there a need for them?
  • The implications of teams operating without freedom and responsibility .
  • The advantages and challenges of self managed and matrix teams.

The Role of the Leader:

  • Changing the role of leadership.
  • What is expected of a self-managed and matrix team leader?
  • How to maintain focus - how to show concern.
  • What level of involvement / control is appropriate?
  • Moving from positional authority to working inside the group to provide direction.
  • Becoming accountable to the needs of the team.

The Behaviors and Skills Required:

  • The skills, qualities and attributes needed.
  • Understanding the impact your style and influence has on the team .
  • Recognizing appropriate behavior and the key differences to traditional leadership.
  • Developing a sincere desire to release potential in others.

Creating a Self Managed/Matrix Team – Tools and Techniques:

  • Group process facilitation – enabling the team to achieve.
  • Team problem solving – encouraging collaboration and collective management control.
  • Team decision making – empowering the team to reach their own decisions based upon areas of team responsibility.
  • Team communication – acting as the voice of the team and communicating with the wider organization.

Application Planning:

  • Developing a practical application plan focused on your own specific self managed/ matrix team.

To become a leading institution in providing a package of value added services; all bundled together for the purpose of achieving organizational excellence and maximizing human assets outputs.

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