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The complete sedation course covers all aspects of sedation in dental procedures, including techniques, phyisology and pharmacology of sedation.

Topics Covered: 

  • Causes, Signs and symptoms of dental anxiety and Phobia
  • Pain ( Physiology )
  • Local anesthesia ( Pharmacology )
  • Local Anesthesia ( Physiology )
  • Non-pharmacological methods of pain control
  • Non-pharmacological Behavioral Management
  • Pharmacological Management: Conscious Sedation in Dentistry
  • Patient Assessment: Preparation for sedation
  • History Taking: Medical, Dental and social History; assess need and suitability for sedation &Examination and treatment planning
  • Evaluate effectiveness of sedation / treatment
  • Basic anatomy and physiology related to sedation
  • Sedation techniques: Inhalation sedation
  • Sedation techniques: intravenous sedation/No2/Oral sedation
  • Sedation techniques: combined sedation techniques
  • Basic pharmacology: Pharmacokinetics and dynamics
  • Applied pharmacology of sedative drugs: Drug used & Advantages
  • Applied pharmacology of sedative drugs: Drug used & Disadvantages& Interaction
  • Applied pharmacology of sedative drugs: Drug used & antagonists
  • Monitor anesthesia Care MAC :definition and application
  • Level of consciousness and Equipments
  • Patient safety and discharge ( Street fitness criteria ) Part I
  • Emergency Medical problems & Detection and Management
  • Medical problems in patient undergoing sedation
  • Medical emergency in dental chairs
  • Complication of sedation
  • BLS (Basic Life support for dentists)
  • Occupational Hazards of sedation
  • Medico-legal aspect of sedation; record keeping, consent, Escort
  • General  anesthesia  and analgesics


  • Patient assessment
  • Equipment check
  • IV Cannulation demonstration procedure
  • Patient monitoring
  • Blood pressure monitoring using sphygmomanometer
  • and stethoscope
  • Perform clinical monitoring of respiration (rate and
  • depth), pulse (rate and rhythm) and level of consciousness
  • Assess fitness for discharge
  • Management of sedation related complications.
  • Basic Life support
  • Medical emergency role play

About Arab Society for Continuing Dental Education

Arab Society for Continuous Dental Education (ASCDE) is a fast growing hub for providing dental excellence in Egypt. Initially established as Mastering Dentistry in 2008 in Cairo; till becoming ASCDE in January 2011.
In Egypt, there were numerous challenges for dentists to continue their education. Not only that continuing education centres were monopolized by a few numbered organizations, their choice of subjects was far behind the current needs or updates required. Other alternatives included dental companies marketing for their products by providing courses. With no law regulating dental license renewal, the choice to continue dental education was purely based on personal preference.
theirmission in ASCDE to be a recognized beacon of knowledge and a central crossroads where dentists globally and locally convene to upgrade their skills and competence- has put us on fast-track to international globalization. ASCDE is a frontrunner in providing continuous dental education in Egypt and the middle east, ranking highest among local competitors. theyare pleased to provide a wide variety of professional courses, and outstanding programs, presentations and meetings in different dental branches to assist dentists in updating their knowledge and skills with the latest developments.
In only 5 years, more than 1300 candidates attended theircourses from 14 different countries; and around 45 different lecturers were hosted from numerous countries including the UK, USA, France, Spain, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.
Currently, the ASCDE has organized 50 Comprehensive dental courses that covered all dental branches including orthodontics, implantology, cosmetics, periodontology, dental pedodontics, restorative dentistry, surgery and lastly MJDF preparatory courses.
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