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This five day instructor led course covers the new ASA and Pix Security Appliance 7.2 features and incorporates content for the new ASA 5505 and 5550 appliances. This task-orientated course teaches the knowledge and skill needed to describe, configure, verify and manage the PIX and ASA security Appliances.

Target Audience

Cisco Customers, Channel Partners and System Engineers who sell, implement and maintain Cisco PIX and ASA security appliances.


  • Describe the general functionality of firewalls and security appliances
  • Choose the most appropriate security appliance and licensing for a given scenario
  • Configure the security appliance for basic network connectivity
  • Perform address translation on a security appliance
  • Configure security appliance access control
  • Describe and configure the object grouping feature of Cisco security appliances
  • Define, configure, and monitor AAA in Cisco security appliances
  • Describe and configure the switching and routing functionality that your security appliance provides Describe and configure a security appliance modular policy
  • Describe and configure security appliance advanced protocol handling
  • Configure Cisco security appliances for VPN connectivity
  • Configure security appliances for secure remote access
  • Configure the Cisco security appliances to support the WebVPN feature set
  • Configure Cisco security appliances to run in transparent firewall mode
  • Configure the security appliance to support multiple contexts
  • Implement and configure failover in a network
  • Configure and monitor security appliances with ASDM
  • Initialize a Cisco ASA AIP SSM and CSC SSM
  • Secure and upgrade system access to the security appliance and recover from problems


  • CCNA certification or the equivalent knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of the Windows operating system.
  • Familiarity with networking and security terms and concepts.

Course Outline

Cisco Security Appliance Technology and Features

  • Firewalls
  • Security Appliance Overview

Cisco PIX and ASA Security Appliance Families

  • Models and Features of Cisco Security Appliance
  • PIX Security Appliance Licensing
  • Cisco ASA Security Appliance Licensing

Getting Started with Cisco Security Appliance

  • User Interface
  • File Management
  • Security Appliance Security Levels
  • Basic Security Appliance Configuration
  • Examining Security Appliance Status
  • Time Setting and NTP Support
  • Syslog Configuration

Configuring Translations and Connection Limits

Configuring Cisco ASA Security Appliances for WebVPN

  • WebVPN Feature Overview
  • WebVPN End-User Interface
  • Configure WebVPN General Parameters
  • Configure WebVPN Policies
  • Configure WebVPN Tunnel Groups
  • Configure WebVPN Servers and URLs
  • Configure WebVPN E-Mail Proxy Servers
  • Configure WebVPN Content Filters and ACLs

Configuring Transparent Firewall Mode

  • Transparent Firewall Mode Overview
  • Enabling Transparent Firewall Mode
  • Monitoring and Maintaining Transparent Firewall Mode.

Configuring Security Contexts

  • Security Context Overview
  • Resource Management
  • Enabling Multiple Context Mode
  • Configuring a Security Context
  • Managing Security Contexts

Configuring Failover

  • Understanding Failover
  • Serial Cable–Based Failover Configuration
  • Active/Standby LAN-Based Failover Configuration
  • Active/Active Failover Configuration

Using ACLs and Content Filtering

  • ACLs
  • Malicious Active Code Filtering
  • URL Filtering
  • Packet Tracer

Configuring Object Grouping

  • Overview of Object Grouping
  • Configuring and Using Object Groups

Configuring Authentication, Authorisation, and Accounting

  • Introduction to AAA
  • Installation of Cisco Secure ACS for Windows 2000
  • Authentication Configuration
  • Cut-Through Proxy Authentication Configuration
  • Tunnel Access Authentication Configuration
  • Authorization Configuration
  • Accounting Configuration

Switching and Routing on Cisco Security Appliances

  • VLAN Capabilities
  • Static and Dynamic Routing
  • Multicasting

Configuring the Cisco Modular Policy Framework

  • Modular Policy Framework Overview
  • Configuring a Class Map
  • Configuring a Policy Map
  • Configuring a Service Policy

Cisco ASDM

  • ASDM Overview and Operating Requirements
  • Preparing for ASDM
  • Navigating ASDM Configuration Windows
  • Navigating ASDM Multimode Windows

Introducing Cisco ASA SSMs

  • Cisco ASA SSM Overview
  • Cisco ASA AIP SSM Overview
  • Cisco ASA AIP SSM Software Loading
  • Cisco ASA CSC SSM Overview
  • Configure a Security Policy on the Cisco ASA Security Appliance

Managing Security Appliance

  • Managing System Access
  • Managing User Access Levels
  • Managing Software, Licenses, and Configurations
  • Image Upgrade and Activation Keys

Configuring Advanced Protocol Handling

  • Advanced Protocol Handling
  • Inspection Class Maps and Inspection Policy Maps
  • Regular Expressions
  • FTP Inspection
  • HTTP Inspection
  • Instant Messaging Inspection
  • ESMTP Inspection
  • DNS Inspection
  • Protocol Application Inspection
  • Multimedia Support

Configuring VPNs

  • Secure VPNs
  • How IPsec Works
  • IPsec Configuration Tasks
  • Task 1: Prepare to Configure VPN Support
  • Task 2: Configure IKE Parameters
  • Task 3: Configure IPsec Parameters
  • Task 4: Test and Verify VPN Configuration

Configuring Security Appliance Remote Access Using Cisco Easy VPN

  • Introduction to Cisco Easy VPN
  • The Cisco Easy VPN Connection Process
  • Overview of Cisco Easy VPN Client
  • Configuring Cisco VPN Client as Cisco Easy VPN Remote
  • Working with the Cisco VPN Client
  • Configuring Users and Groups
  • Configuring the Cisco Easy VPN Server for Extended Authentication

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